2023 B.Tech Final Year Projects for Students

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B.Tech is one of the professional courses that many students tend to take up and pursue these days. For successfully completing such a professional course, every student needs to submit their mini project and final year project with utmost care. So, we will discuss the final year as well as the mini projects for BTech students to refer and start doing your projects on your own. Do note that, this article will be primarily focus more on three B.Tech. disciplines like Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, and Electricals and Electronics Engineering.

What are the major Disciplines of B.Tech Projects?

Though are many disciplines available under the aegis of B.Tech. course, the following are the most important disciplines based on the interests of students over the nation:

  • Computer Science Engineering

  • Electronics and Communications Engineering

  • Electricals and Electronics Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering 

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Biotechnology Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering

  • Information Technology

In this article, we will concentrate more on three engineering disciplines namely, Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, and Electricals and Electronics Engineering while discussing projects for BTech students.

How do you proceed with B.Tech Projects?

To help you in proceeding with B Tech Final Year Projects or mini projects of your choice, we have given the following tips: 

  • Always tend to choose a project domain/ area that interests you most and do not choose your project domain/ area just because your friend chooses. 

  • Start exploring and gathering good quality research manuscripts so that you get better sources before starting your actual project. 

  • Look for practical issue after reading manuscripts of your interest area, so that you can look for the possible solution by successfully executing your idea for project. 

  • Now, it’s time to select your best companion for doing the project with you and then decide on who should be your guide for support your project idea and execution part of it.

  • Always, be ready with a prior strategy for your project so that any last-minute hurry can be avoided. 

  • Always, do investigation at each phase of your project so that any uncertainties get removed at the earliest possible. 

  • Get a help of any project center who might help you if you are stuck in any part of your project only on your risk.

  • Prepare a draft of the project report and improvise it in every possible way by getting the inputs from your mates, guide, etc. 

  • Prepare the presentation of your project in the best possible in the way that it’s able to demonstrate the importance of your carried-out project. 

B.Tech Final Year Projects

In this section, we will see the three major disciplines of B.Tech. course in India while we discuss B Tech Final Year Projects. For each B.Tech. discipline, various project genres/ domains have been kept in mind while curating the B Tech Final Year Projects for you. 

Computer Science BTech Projects

Several Computer Science-based projects for BTech students have been given below by concentrating on several genres like machine and deep learning, Java, Python, Android, etc. 

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Electronics and Communication-based BTech Projects

This sub-section deals majorly ECE based B Tech Final Year Projects revolving around IEEE/ VLSI and IEEE/ECE projects.

Electrical and Electronics-based BTech Projects

This sub-section considered genres like Power systems, Power electronics, and many more like this to curate the electrical and electronics based B Tech Final Year Projects list for you. 

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Major disciplines for Mini Project for BTech

After completing the comprehensive final year project titles for B.Tech. course, we now move onto the Mini Project for BTech in this section. Just like the final year project listings, we are taking the same disciplines of B.Tech. course like Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, and Electricals and Electronics Engineering.

Computer Science B.Tech Mini Projects

This sub-section deals with the mini project genres like Python, Android, Open CV, PHP, Java, etc. for mini projects for BTech students revolving around computer science-based course. 

Electronics and Communication-based B.Tech. Mini Projects

This sub-section deals with the project genres like VLSI, WSNs- Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems, Communication, etc. for mini projects revolving around B.Tech. ECE course. Over 25 mini project titles have been given below for you.

Electrical and Electronics-based B.Tech Mini Projects

Over 10 mini project titles have been covered in this sub-section by including but not limited to Induction Generating devices, Converters, etc.


This article had discussed about the major B.Tech. final year as well as the minor project perspective titles by giving you over 200 titles in order to serve as the best guide for anyone who is starting their final year or pre-final year project for completing their B.Tech. course. 

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