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1 TEPGPE263 Battery Connected Multi-level Inverter Fed PMSM for Electric Vehicle ...

Multilevel Converters|Electrical Vehicles

2 TEPGPE261 Design and Implementation Bidirectional DC–AC Converter for Energy Sto...
3 TEPGPE260 A Modified PI-Controller Based High Current Density DC–DC Converter fo...

Electrical Vehicles

4 TEPGPE259 Electric Vehicle-to-Vehicle Energy Transfer Using On-Board Converters

Electrical Vehicles

5 TEPGPE258 Three-Phase Multiport DC–AC Inverter for Interfacing Photovoltaic and ...

Solar Power Generation

6 TEPGPE257 An Optimized Reactive Power Compensation Strategy to Extend the Workin...

Power Quality

7 TEPGPE200 A Distributed Multimode Control Strategy for the Cascaded DC-DC Conver...

Solar Power Generation|

8 TEPGPE208 Performance Assessment of Three Phase NPC Based Grid Integrated Single...

|Solar Power Generation

9 TEPGPE231 A New Multiport DC-DC Converter for DC Microgrid Applications

Microgrids|Hybrid Systems|Solar Power Generation

10 TEPGPE232 A Single Inductor Multi-Port Power Converter for Electric Vehicle Appl...

Distribution Systems|DC Drives|Electrical Vehicles

Items per page:
1 – 10 of 245
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