Latest BCA Final Year Project Ideas for 2023

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In this piece of write-up, the BCA course-based project guide is presented by discussing BCA Final Year Project Ideas as well as BCA Mini Project Topics from the context of final year as well as pre-final year of the BCA course. We have discussed a total of over 200 project titles by keeping in mind the various project domains so that it can serve as a guide even for the project beginners. 

What are the project genres for BCA course students?

Since the BCA course students have much to know for the sake of doing the projects, we have divided the BCA Final Year Project Ideas into several project domains as follows:

  • Android 

  • Data Mining 

  • Java 

  • Machine learning 

  • Deep Learning

  • PHP

How do you proceed with your Project for Final Year BCA?

Once the BCA course students reach their final year, they will have to mandatorily submit the projects in their terminal semester by sorting the advice or topic from your supervisor or dean belonging to your education institution. We now present a few tips to execute project for final year BCA in the below pointers. 

  • Always desire to do a project that’s not so simple and easy.

  • Always tend to do the project that’s so unique.

  • Always tend to do the project which makes you to learn a lot in addition to the things that you already know. 

BCA Final Year Project Ideas

As the BCA Final Year Project Ideas are immense and diverse, we have subdivided it into the following sections for better understanding:

Android-based Projects

This sub-section discusses over 100 Android based Projects for BCA course final year students. 

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Data Mining-based Projects

A few data mining-based Projects for BCA course final year students have been discussed below.

Java-based Projects

This sub-section lists some Java based Projects for BCA course final year students.

Machine Learning Based Projects 

Over 10 ML-based Projects for BCA course final year students have been discussed in this sub-section.

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Deep Learning Based Projects

More than 10 Deep Learning-based Projects for BCA course final year students have been given below.

PHP Based Projects

Some PHP-based BCA course student project ideas have been listed below. 

BCA Mini Project Topics

We will be listing 50+ BCA Mini Project Topics with reference project genres like Android, Java, PHP, Open CV, Network security, Network security, Python, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, etc. 


We have seen about both the BCA Final Year Project Ideas as well as the BCA Mini Project Topics for guiding the specific course students by covering the diverse project domains. This article discussed various project titles under each project domain so that it’s beneficial.

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