Solar Power Generation System with Power Smoothing Function

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Project Code :TEPGPS542


The main objective of this project is to increase power efficiency and smoothens power fluctuations in the Solar Power generation system


The output power from a solar power generation system (SPGS) changes significantly because of environmental factors, which affects the stability and reliability of a power distribution system. This study proposes a SPGS with the power smoothing function. The proposed SPGS consists of a solar cell array, a battery set, a dual-input buck-boost DC-AC inverter (DIBBDAI) and a boost power converter (BPC). The DIBBDAI combines the functions of voltage boost, voltage buck and DC-AC power conversion. The BPC acts as a battery charger between the solar cell array and the battery set. For the proposed SPGS, the DC power that is provided by the solar cell array or the battery set is converted into AC power through only one power stage. The proposed power conversion interface increases power efficiency, smooth’s power fluctuation and decreases leakage current for a SPGS. The simulation results show that multilevel STATCOM will correct the disturbances.

Keywords: Solar power generation, power smoothing, buck-boost DC-AC inverter.

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Block Diagram


Software Configuration:

Operating System :  Windows 7/8/10

Application Software :  Matlab/Simulink

Hardware Configuration:

RAM :  8 GB

Processor :  I3 / I5(Mostly prefer)

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Matlab/Simulink
  • How to start with MATLAB
  • About Matlab language
  • About tools & libraries
  • Application of Matlab/Simulink
  • About Matlab desktop
  • Features of Matlab/Simulink
  • Basics on Matlab/Simulink
  • Introduction to controllers.
  • Study of PWM techniques.
  • Project Development Skills:
    • Problem analyzing skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Creativity and imaginary skills
    • Programming skills
    • Deployment
    • Testing skills
    • Debugging skills
    • Project presentation skills
    • Thesis writing skills

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