Low Cost Mini Projects Ideas for Civil Engineering

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Students pursuing engineering courses in India have started to gain attention towards their mini projects because of realizing the importance of hands-on experience gained during the mini project conduct. Furthermore, doing mini projects also aid the students in starting their major projects with higher confidence when they reach their final year. Students have also realized that doing mini projects impart more hands-on experience than attending internships. 

This kind of mini project has an even more significant role in core engineering field like civil engineering. The pursual of mini projects could help in creating a better career after completing the course. Thus, low cost mini projects ideas for civil engineering started to get noticed by many recent civil engineering course pursuing students. In this piece of write-up dealing majorly with low cost mini projects ideas for civil engineering, we discuss the basics of civil engineering along with all necessities do successfully complete your mini projects.

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What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is the core Engineering discipline that is concerned with designing, constructing, and preserving many foundations like roads, sea ports, buildings, drinking systems, bridges, airports, and diverse facilities.  

Likewise, a major role of civil engineer is to aid in making the above said facilities for making the surrounding the best place to live for the people. 

Why Mini Projects are important in Civil Engineering?

Doing Mini Projects are important from the Civil Engineering perspective for variety of reasons, a few of them have been given in the below pointers.

  • Now a days, basic ideas for Mini Projects are easily available because of many recent age civil engineering scholars. 

  • Mini Project execution is one of the ways that a civil engineering course pursuing student can exhibit his/ her talent. 

  • Mini Project serves as a good exhibition tool for the student, which would aid the companies to distinguish diverse background students while recruiting. 

  • As the final year civil engineering projects require immense technical skills and expertise, doing mini-projects tend to expose civil engineering course students with majority of needed technical skills and expertise before going into the final year. 

What to do in Mini Projects?

Expectations for the mini projects vary from institution to institution. Commonly, it needs to be completed before stepping into the final year of your civil engineering course. Here are the six tips that could help in making your mini projects a grand success. 

Narrow down to formulate exact Topic 

Th students need to choose their research area by keenly knowing their positives and negatives in the subject chosen for mini project. Then, he/ she need to narrow down the chosen research area to formulate exact Topic which is able to add more value. 

Explore about your narrowed down topic in web

After narrowing downing to your topic, you can explore the internet comprehensively about that topic by referring to different standards of research manuscripts published online by esteemed authors around the globe. You can alternatively try to refer few sites that briefs you about various materials that could be used for a typical civil engineering mini project. 

Take recommendations from experts in the subject concerned

It’s always important to sought recommendations from the experts in the subject related to your mini project topic as they provide you with diverse perspectives on your topic that you have never had till date. 


The mini projects taken up by the students get half way done when they make their devise strategy to execute various activities like purchasing of several materials, tools, equipment; experiment level investigation; necessary manufacturing actions, etc. that includes the comprehensive time dependent schedule. A successfully devised strategy could help in achieving better teamwork. 

Implementing your devised strategies

With the good strategy, various activities in your mini projects could be easily completed by strictly following the schedule made. 

Demonstration of your successful mini project

Various manufacturing operations or experiment level investigations done by you alone can’t make your executed mini project- a successful one as the proper demonstration of various executed activities play a more crucial role than your actual project execution.

What to do to make your mini project sound good?

The below mentioned pointers are often considered by the reviewers while they evaluate and grade your mini project execution.  

  • Quantity aspect of your project report

  • Comprehension aspect of your project

  • Quality of the demonstration to convey your executed mini projects

  • Handling of various common research questions in the discipline 

  • The quantum of project carried out

Tools used for Civil Engineering-based Mini Projects

The following are the most familiar tools used for the low cost mini projects ideas for civil engineering:


  • SAP2000

  • SAFE

  • QGIS

  • Primavera

Top 10 Low Cost Mini Projects Ideas for Civil Engineering

In this section, we have given you with Top 10 low cost mini projects ideas for civil engineering to make you realize about the recent topics.  

Focal Processes containing Network Distance dependent Neighbourhoods: Deployment, Utilization, and Visualization

Determining the neighbouring spots are important from the service spot allocation perspective. In spatial level investigation, several processes are executed by taking the neighbouring spots of a feature. A benchmark GIS software utility might be used to estimate the neighbourhood spot which highly support the service spot allocation. 

Drafting of Android-based Application for Irrigation and Curing processes

Currently, as there is a steep rise in the construction arena, the demand pertaining to the numerous of resources and workforce utilization have raised over the years. Thus, an android application-based solution could be devised by concentrating on the soil and concrete behaviours from the perspective of processes like irrigation and curing. 

Experiment-based Analysis on Cold Formed Light Gauge Rectangle shaped Hollow segment comprising Joints of the Welded Knee type

Many construction foundations like bridges and roads often require the extended dimension of length and also necessarily be surrounded by larger 3-D area. As a result, the lengths of the connecting elements like welding, bolts, etc. used to achieve those extended length are also raised. An investigative study taking up rectangle shaped hollow segment that’s cold formed could be made from the perspective of joints of the welded knee type. 

Design of a Vaccine Storage and Transportation System in Remote Areas Based on Raspberry Pi

Transportation and storage systems for some applications need to be robust depending upon the prevailing the material condition and surrounding environment. For instance, for transportation and storage purposes for vaccines, the design of systems might be done even in very underdeveloped regions by using Raspberry Pi. 

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Elegant home with power saving, security, safety, remote controlling and auto control of water tank motor

With the vast development of construction industry, each home built these days also becomes much more intelligent than it was earlier.  Thus, an efficient home administration system could be built with features/ techs like increased safety and security aspects, reduction in power consumption, auto motor controller for water storage tank, remote controlling devices, etc. 

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Advanced IOT Based Combined Remote Health Monitoring, Home Automation and Alarm System

The contribution of civil engineering related concepts is in the hike in many fields. For instance, in health care sector, the construction of multiple purpose systems offering remote health vital surveillance, caution feature, and automation are only possible by inculcating various concepts of civil engineering. Thus, such multiple purpose serving systems could be built which could contribute a lot to health care sector as a whole.

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Study on Remote Control System of Rural Water Treatment Equipment

The heath related problems due to the polluted drinking water in India are always increasing. Thus, a more intelligent treatment devices could be installed to treat the water to reduce the pollutant content and make the water healthy and fit to drink by people. These water treatment devices need to be facilitated with remote operation facility as that will be more convenient to operate in rural regions. 

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Study On Remote Control System of Rural Water Treatment Equipment Using Arm

As the involvement of robotic arms have increased a lot for serving many purposes, it could be widely used in a remote operation powered water treating facility installed in any rural areas. Thus, those established water treating facilities could be studied and investigated for its effectiveness in treating the water especially by focusing on major water contents like arsenic and fluorine contents. 

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Design and Development of Three-Stage Industrial Car Washing System

The applications served by automation have increased and spanned across different sectors like automobiles, health care, construction, etc. In automobile sector, the washing systems have become much outdated. Hence, an automated car washing set up could be built to serve three levels of cleaning such as Cleaning, Spraying, and Drying. 

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Junction Street Light System Automatic Control Using Renewable Energy Resource

With the advent of technologies, the quantum of automation has been astonishing. Especially, the adaptation towards using the renewable energy resources over unrenewable resources have been widely preferred in the arena of civil engineering. An automated street light system could be established with a facility to operate only with renewable energy resources like sunlight, wind, etc. 

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Do note that any Civil Egnineering-based mini projects could be made cost effective by giving properly various activities in it both in terms of quantitative and qualitative aspects. 

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