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The curriculum of any Ph D or M Tech course needs the students to do their preparation of Thesis/ research publishing, etc. as applicable in order to finish the course. Despite the efforts of course offering institutions in guiding their students to complete their M Tech Project and thesis, they still need to know a few things while doing their project and writing their thesis. This article will give those preliminaries needed to complete the M Tech thesis and alongside a few M Tech Thesis Topics from the context of disciplines of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Computer Science Engineering. 

How do you format and draft your M Tech Thesis Writing?

In this part of the article, we will discuss about the stages and tips for good formatting and organization of you M Tech Thesis. 

Stages in your M Tech Thesis Writing

As we all know, any thesis writing has a few stages in it right from the framing of problem statement to the very end of research publication. Likewise, we will discuss the basic stages in M Tech Thesis Writing in the below pointers.

  • Framing of Problem Statement- At first, the project pursuing M Tech student needs to frame his/ her own problem statement on which we desire to work to suggest solution.

  • Framing of Synopsis- Then, the student can prepare their synopsis. It should necessarily contain the steps that he/ she will be adopting to complete their project. This synopsis framing usually need to be done after proper discussion with your project supervisor. 

  • Implementation- The considered problem statement(s) / suggested or desired solution(s) might need to be converted into the code form by using any appropriate tool. These tools differ from one discipline to another. For instance, Matlab, DIP, Network Simulator-2 are some tools used while the project conduct and subsequent thesis writing. Using the appropriate tools, both the identified problem statements(s) and suggested or desired solution(s) can be converted into code form.

  • Investigation of outcomes- Once the code related conversions have been done, next, the investigation of the outcomes with some standards needs to be done to validate and prove the effectiveness of the project being undertaken. 

  • Drafting the Report for Project- The report that you make for project need to be uniquely written that’s has nil or less acceptable level of plagiarism. Thus, just copying and pasting from any online resources needs to be avoided as that might hinder in the successful completion of your project. 

  • Research Publication- If one desires to publish their research efforts carried out in their project, then they need to sought the help of their project supervisor who might guide to publish their works in esteemed journals like Springer, Elsevier, Sage Pub., etc.

Tips for your M Tech Thesis Writing

Any M Tech course students might struggle to prepare their thesis because of their unawareness in formatting and language writing. So, we will point out the important elements in their thesis and the tips for improving their M Tech Thesis Writing.  

  • At first, the abstract of around 250 words or 6 to 7 lines need to framed and well written in the start of thesis itself. This abstract need to highlight the desired major problem statement of the research project taken up. 

  • After abstract, a proper literature surveying should have been carried out before identifying the exact problem statement of your research project. Identify the methodologies that concentrate on your identified problem area and then draw the benefits and demerits of them to make the literature survey a comprehensive one. 

  • As you have only identified the major problem statement of your project in the abstract, you have to formulate exact problem statement by narrowing downing the already identified major problem statement. 

  • Depending upon the framed (narrowed down) project problem statement, you need to define your aims and along with methodology that you are going to adopt to bring out the solution for the problem statement that’s narrowed down.

  • Next, you need to deduce the results, experimental outcomes, and its comprehensive investigation of them in this section. This section plays an important role in validating and proving the soundness of the currently taken up work over the similar earlier works in the literature. 

  • Then, a concluding remark need to be framed in the conclusion section by mapping the defined aims and the obtained results with reference to the narrowed down problem statement. Even, the future directives could be suggested by knowing and identifying the restrictions or uncertainties. 

  • Finally, to end your thesis preparation, you need to list the references (sources) that have been referred while the entire process of thesis preparation. These references also need to be strictly formatted just like the other sections as per the guidelines given to you by your M Tech course offering institution. 

MTech Thesis Project Listing 

To ease your M Tech Thesis Writing, we have given you the diverse thesis project topics based on the trend in the below sub-sections. 

ECE M Tech Thesis Topics

We have curated you the below ECE-based thesis project topics based on project domains like Embedded and VLSI.

EEE M Tech Thesis Topics

We have given you the below EEE-based thesis project topics based on project domains like Power electronics, Power systems, controlling drives, etc.

Computer Science M Tech Thesis Topics

We have listed the following CSE-based thesis project topics based on project domains like Python, Java, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), etc.: 

How do Takeoff Projects help in working on any M Tech Thesis Topics?

Whatever be the project requirements revolving around disciplines like ECE, EEE, CSE, Takeoff Projects hosts every tool/ idea for supporting in any of the project thesis related needs that arises from the framing of problem statement till the very end of research publishing. With over 100 projects to grab, the M Tech gets the liberty to choose their thesis topics without any issues in a smoother way, which will easy them in getting their degree.

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