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Similar to other UG courses offered associated to Information Technology (IT), Bachelor of Science (BSc)- Information Technology deals fundamentally with the accumulating, administering, processing, and protecting information that’s tied to some application perspective. In simple terms, the course is concerned with issue solving approaches, Technical Communication Skill, Programming in C, Computer Basics, etc. 

This UG course mostly concentrates on genres like databases, software, and network operations. This BSc in IT is a three-year spanning course that mandates the students to do projects in their final year in order to check the soundness of the knowledge gained during the course pursual. In the same way, similar to Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Master of Science (MSc)- Information Technology is another PG courses that deals fundamentally with software development, analytics genres, computer-based entities, data mining, etc. This MSc course in IT is a 2-year spanning course which also mandates the students to apply every concept comprehended during the course duration and successfully complete the projects. BSc IT Projects for final year students and project for MSc IT students are in huge demand because of necessity to deal with data in some way or other. Projects for BSc IT final year students require the students to apply both their practical and theoretical knowledge mostly in a prototype-level, whereas project for MSc IT students require the course pursuing students to apply both their practical and theoretical knowledge in an application perspective mostly. 

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What is BSc in Information Technology?

Bachelor of Science course in Information Technology is a UG level course that’s being awarded to the students those who have successfully completed the degree program by completing their projects. These UG level courses usually empowers the students to be sound in executing tech-based chores that are associated to processing, accumulating, Hand held phones, information communication intermediary to the computing devices, and other electronics. 

What is MSc in Information Technology?

After getting graduated from the related course like BSc in the aegis of Information Technology, the students will be taking this PG level- MSc courses if they prefer to want their career to be related to IT. The students are taught to redress any kinds of sophisticated issues by utilizing application drafting and computer programming languages. 

This course deals with programming, administration of database, administration of project-related chores, Operating System (OS), Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), etc. in a wider prospect than the BSc. Course in Information Technology. As these kinds of MSc courses cover the subjects of cyber-oriented security aspects, the students gain skillset and expertise both in preventing the unethical hacking and executing ethical hacking themselves. 

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Skillsets needed for doing your BSc Information Technology Projects

The first and initial steps in doing their projects is that they need to learn and well verse all details pertaining to the crucial phenomenon of IT. Now, we will list the skillsets required to excel and succeed in doing your BSc Information Technology Projects in the below pointers. 

  • Analytical skillsets 

  • Creative mindset

  • Resilience

  • Problem-solving skillsets 

  • Critical-thinking skillsets 

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Skillsets needed for doing your MSc Information Technology Projects

Fundamental skillsets and attributes which every student doing their MSc Information Technology projects have been discussed below. 

  • Analytical skillsets

  • Scientific skillsets

  • Good Patience

  • Attention to detail and accuracy

  • Research skillsets

  • Analytical skillsets

  • Issue-solving skillsets

  • Observational skillsets

  • Capability to work in a formed team

BSc IT Projects for Final Year

In this section, we will be dealing with top 50+ BSc IT projects for final year students that are related to Android-based Operating System, Python-based programming, Java-based programming, PHP-based applications, etc. 

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Here are a few BSc IT projects for final year students which have been explained in brief. 

Skill Improvement App for Trainee

In order to cope up with the competition in the recent age society, academic skills have to be sharpened from time to time in addition to the basic education that we receive.  That’s when the skill enhancing applications become indispensable. So, a skill enhancing app might be designed by targeting a few skillsets like managerial and communication skillsets. 

Disciplinary Action App for Employees using Android Application

The employee administering tools and applications are always in need in order to maintain and preserve the work culture and decorum inside the premises of any corporate organizations. Thus, an application running on a popular OS-platform Android might be built facilitating to initiate the disciplinary actions for any of the unpleasing behaviour exhibited by the employee while at work. 

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Covid Patients Tracing Web Application

When people have to come across pandemic situations like COVID-19 spread, they will need to follow many safety protocols including the Standard Operating Procedures released by the authorities of health care department. Thus, an android/ PHP oriented web application could be built that has the potential to trace the presence and absence of +ve COVID-19 affected people in and around the person using the intended application.

Village Development System

In general, various issues existing in the village tend to be unnoticed as well as be unattended by the concerned people/ authorities. Thus, a java dependent platform might be built which consists of every issue prevailing in the village areas that gets updates from time to time so that timely action is ensured in every instance. 

Travel Management System

As far as the tourism industry is concerned, there are various issues that tend to happen whenever one plans to travel for their holidays. Those issues could be related to the journey cancellation, getting rescheduled, and chores of visiting the tourist center in person. So, a web application facilitating the solutions for every travel related issue could be designed which is able to serve both the travel agency and customers whom undertake journey with the same travel agency. 

Effect of Data Parameters and Seeding on k-Means and k-Medoids

Because of the issues realized with the conventional k-Medoids and k-Means operations, the need for improvisation is needed indeed. Thus, D2-weighting approach could be used by enhancing the current capabilities imparted by the conventional k-Medoids and k-Means operations. This could be done by raising the overlapping of cluster by considering the seed dataset.

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A Verifiable Semantic Searching Scheme by Optimal Matching Over Encrypted Data in Public Cloud

Providing services to the random words are always a daunting task in hand and handling of search and queries outcomes are also at stake. Thus, a novel WT- Word Transportation issue could be framed for estimating the similarity existing intermediary to the documents and queries. 

A Computational and Analytical Approach for Cloud Computing Security with User Data Management

Security of data has always been at stake because of emergence and developments of cloud related technologies. Thus, the researches towards the reduction of risks in the cloud stored data are never ending. An exhaustive empirical meta investigation could be made on the context of raising the secureness of the cloud data. 

Research and Application of Data Privacy Protection Technology in Cloud Computing Environment Based on Attribute Encryption

Privacy in any cloud related applications is always been subjected to variety of privacy-based issues. Thus, the handling of sensitive information can’t be 100 per cent secure, owing to which better encryption methodologies are always in demand. An improvised attribute-based weighting encryption methodology that has the potential to deal with multi-agency could be developed and implemented. 

Research on Tax Collection and Administration on Big Data Analysis

The process of tax gathering and its administration is always daunting as the delt data quantity is very large and it’s also complex from the context of population prevailing in the nation.  Thus, the big data analytics comes into this picture. With the application of this big data analytics to tax gathering and its administration, the data could be excavated in an efficient manner.

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List of Project for MSc IT Students

In this section, we will be dealing with around fifty projects for MSc IT students that are related to Android-based Operating System, Python-based programming, Java-based programming, PHP-based applications, cloud computing, etc. 

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Here are a few MSc IT projects for final year students which have been explained in brief. 

Sentiment Classification from Text Using Deep Learning Algorithm

As far as the sentimental classification, many researches have widely taken the Instagram post, tweets in Twitter, SMS, website-based reviews, chat, E-mail, etc. to analyze the sentiments. However, the emotional states from very common or poetic texts have not been well-studied with recent age artificial intelligence methodologies that has currently become state-of-the-art owing to its development. So, a deep learning concept known as BERT- Bi-directional Encoder Representations could be used to develop an efficient sentimental classification methodology that has the potential to deal with very common or poetic texts. 

A Cloud Secure Storage Mechanism Based on Data Dispersion and Encryption

Talks and works around the cloud storage are keep on raising owing to the emergence that the cloud-related application has created. However, still the security aspect of such cloud-based storing mediums has not ideal as expected due to the risks posed by the modern age attackers. So, an attacker-resistant methodology, CSSM- Cloud Secure Storage Mechanism could be devised and implemented well in order to reduce the compromises of data in the cloud-based storing mediums. 

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Transfer Learning Code Vectorizer based Machine Learning Models for Software Defect Prediction

As the software built in the recent years are very sophisticated in nature, the techniques adopted for spotting the spotting the defects in those sophisticated software is very difficult and time consuming which would also incur additional cost and require expertise personnel to rightfully spot the areas of defects in the source code of software. Thus, a Transfer Learning (TL)-based Vectorizer for source codes could be developed and utilized to precisely identify the areas of defects in any intended source code of software. 

Clement Machine Learning Methods for Malware Recognition Based on Semantic Behaviours

As we live in the age of digitalization, the time we spent in the online has drastically increased a lot when compared with the past decade, So, we are forced to experience certain problems caused due to the malwares that get attracted to our Personal Computer without our knowledge. These malwares if left unattended could abruptly affect the performance of our personal computer and will also adversely affect our everyday routines performed in it. Thus, it’s almost mandatory to identify those malwares that has crept into the system unknowingly. An efficient malware identification system with the help of LSTM- Long Short-Term Memory and CNN- Convoluted Neural Network in combination with the concept of NLP- Natural Language Processing could be devised and implemented to successfully identify those attracted malwares and eliminate to sort out every problem that is happening due to the contracted malware. 

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Deep Learning Based Deforestation Classification

As the worldly population is keep on increasing, cutting down of trees had got changed to clearing of forest areas owing to the increased needs and demands posed by the people living around the globe. Furthermore, as the needs and demands still increases, the forest areas that are getting cleared are rising its numbers both in terms of quantity of cleared areas and areas getting cleared in any specific forest area. For instance, the Amazon Forests are one such forests in which the forest areas often get changed due to the clearing of forest areas (i.e.) deforestation in it. So, there is an urgent requirement to monitor, report, and take actions against the unnecessary and excessive deforestation happening in these kinds of huge forest areas which could aid to reduce the greenhouse gas effect, global warming, adverse/ abrupt temperature rising, and many more environmental impacts taking place. A Deep Learning (DL)-based forest monitoring system could be implemented and made into practice to cut down the rates of deforestation taking place in Amazon Forest area by classifying both LC- Land Change and LU- Land Utilization. 

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