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Project Code :TCMIAN56


This Application will be able to call for the desired help like electrician, plumber, mechanic etc. whenever needed. User can easily access the help just by sitting in home itself and there is no need to go around looking for help which will consume a lot amount of time.


There is very big need in the daily life with the electricians and plumbers and mechanics and painters and daily labors, there is no proper communication with them, if any need with them we need to search with different ways in offline. It may take time. Sometimes we could not find worker when we actually needed. There is no proper platform to communicate with them for work needs.

If we try to find worker from local, he might have not skilled up to mark. To overcome, this app very much needs if any need occurred to user, he can raise the request and choose the available list of workers and select based on their experience and charges on what he can offer to the worker, other side workers can get the request based on their location.  Both the application user and skilled workers listed with app get mapped based on nearest locations. makes their transactions.


NOTE: Without the concern of our team, please don't submit to the college. This Abstract varies based on student requirements.

Block Diagram



  • Operating System: Windows and Android
  • SDK IDE: Android Studio 3.3
  • Virtual Emulator: Nexus Pixel 2
  • Programming Language: Java
  • Front End: Xml
  • Server scripting Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL


  • CPU type: Intel i7
  • Ram size: 16 GB
  • Hard disk capacity: 1TB
  • Monitor type: 15 Inch color monitor
  • Keyboard type: Internet keyboard
  • Mobile: Android

Learning Outcomes

  • About Android Studio.
  • Android architecture.
  • Widgets in android.
  • Views in android.
  • Interaction with the Cloud Database.
  • Layouts in android.
  • How to design the user Interface.
  • About activities.
  • Basics about java.
  • Basics about SQLite.
  • Knowledge about Shared preferences.
  • What are Packages and dependencies regarding the app?
  • What are various versions of android app and android operating system.
  • About Android studio.
  • Different Debugging Technique’s.
  • Deployment of app.
  • About play store deployment.
  • What is manifest?
  • About XML.
  • Problem analyzing skills.
    • Problem solving skills.
    • Creativity and imaginary skills.
    • Programming skills.
    • Deployment.
    • Testing skills.
    • Debugging skills.
    • Project presentation skills.
    • Thesis writing skills.

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