IEEE Projects for Electrical Engineering

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There are plenty of IEEE projects for Electrical Engineering available on the net itself. However, not all are result giving. Thus, we will discuss about IEEE projects for EEE based on significance and based on its project genres.

IEEE Major Projects for EEE

Four of the major IEEE projects for Electrical Engineering are given below for your reference.

Enhanced Control and Power Management For A Renewable Energy-Based Water Pumping System

One could make thorough dynamic study of a water pumping system powered by renewable energy. The components of the entire system are thoroughly discussed. The parts consist of a battery, a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), a water pumping system, and a wind turbine power system. The storage system is utilised to improve power distribution when there is insufficient wind generation, which increases system dependability. In order to improve the PMSG's performance, a novel predictive control method is provided, taking into account that it is the system's primary source of power.

Sliding Mode Predictive Current Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Cascaded Variable Rate Sliding Mode Speed Controller

The system's dynamic and static performance could be enhanced by a sliding mode predictive current control technique based on extended state observer (ESO) for permanent magnet synchronous motors with cascaded variable rate sliding mode speed controllers. The system's rapidity and robustness are increased while the chattering is decreased by first designing a sliding mode speed controller based on the innovative variable rate exponential reaching law and using the ESO to estimate and adjust for parameter mismatch and disturbance. Then, based on the aforementioned reaching rule, a sliding mode controller is created to effectively compensate for the issue that the classic deadbeat predictive control of current loop overlooks the effects of cross-coupling electromotive force.

Torque Ripple Reduction for BLDC Permanent Magnet Motor Drive Using DC-Link Voltage and Current Modulation

One could make use of brushless DC (BLDC) permanent magnetic motor drive with torque ripple reduction based on DC-link voltage pulse amplitude modulation (PAM). With the suggested approach, BLDC drives' torque ripple disadvantage at low speeds is improved. BLDC drives need low position sensing resolution and have a superior inverter efficiency. However, strong torque ripples are brought on by both freewheeling current during diode conduction and discontinuous motor phase current. In order to reduce BLDC torque ripples, a front-end DC converter is introduced in this study.

Sensorless Control Strategy of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Fuzzy Sliding Mode Observer

The use of a fuzzy sliding mode observer (FSMO)-based sensorless control approach for permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) could be done. The construction of a sliding mode observer (SMO) is based on the assumption that the Lyapunov stability requirement is met. The switching function is switched to the sigmoid function from the sign function. To vary the convergence properties of the sigmoid function and enhance observation performance, the parameters of the sigmoid function are modified in real time using fuzzy rules. The back EMF adaptive law might be used to smooth down the back EMF signal retrieved by the SMO, which lowers system chatter and observation error.

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IEEE Standard Power Systems Projects

Power systems Projects also seals its place in IEEE projects for EEE Students. Some of which are given below.

IEEE standard Power Electronics Projects

Few of the IEEE standard dependent Power Electronics Projects are given below. 

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Other Electrical Project Ideas like IEEE standard Projects

Leaving the IEEE projects for Electrical Engineering, there are many electrical project titles as given below.

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