Virtual Guide for tourist

Project Code :TCMAAN148


This project virtual guide for tourist is to provide the tourist places and guidelines to visitors and same as the touristic guide. This information helps the tourists to find the desired locations to visit. Also, we can provide the all locations like tourist places, restaurants, lodges and hotels etc.


The virtual guide for tourist project is mainly beneficial for the tourist’s having no idea about the tourist places they want to visit. By providing a geographic based information system, the tourist going to new cities to visit the tourist places so can get the better guidance of the places they want to visit. Well, it consists of entire details of those locations or how to reach the location as well as other things are restaurants, hotels, lodges and hospitals etc. 

The usage of this application greatly reduces the time required to search for a place. The application also leads to quicker decision making with respect to places to visit. But it provides the basic information to decide the places to visit.

Keyword: Android, Tour Guide, Virtual Guide, Tour Mobile Guide, Smart Guide.

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Block Diagram



  • Operating System: Windows and Android
  • SDK IDE: Android Studio 3.3
  • Virtual Emulator: Nexus Pixel 2
  • Programming Language: Java
  • Front End: Xml
  • Server scripting Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL


  • CPU type: Intel i7
  • Ram size: 16 GB
  • Hard disk capacity:1TB
  • Monitor type: 15 Inch color monitor
  • Keyboard type: Internet keyboard
  • Mobile: Android

Learning Outcomes

  • About Android Studio.
  • Android architecture.
  • Basic about java.
  • Basic about MySQL.
  • Knowledge about server-side programming.
  • Difference between client side and server-side programming language.
  • Knowledge about server.
  • Knowledge about database and queries.
  • Knowledge about API.
  • How to communicate with API.
  • How API Communicate with Server.
  • What are Packages and dependencies regarding the app?
  • What are various versions of android app and android operating system.
  • About Android studio.
  • Client-side validation.
  • Server-side validation.
  • Difference between client-side validations.
  • Different Debugging Technique’s.
  • Deployment of app.
  • About play store deployment.
  • What is manifest?
  • About XML.
  • Widgets in android.
  • Views in android.
  • Layouts in android.
  • How to design the user Interface.
  • About activities.
  • About Open CV.
  • About ML modules.
  • About Python.
  • Project Development Skills:
    • Problem analyzing skills.
    • Problem solving skills.
    • Creativity and imaginary skills.
    • Programming skills.
    • Deployment.
    • Testing skills.
    • Debugging skills.
    • Project presentation skills.
    • Thesis writing skills.

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