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Project Code :TCMAAN273


The main objective of this project is to recommend the course and assist the about the course . this will makes app useful to students after their degree.


Management of any teaching – learning system may have varied purposes, but there should be a single primary reason of doing so i.e, students learning. Thus, effective classroom management should also be initiated with a common purpose

to enhance the level of learning among the students, at any level, everywhere.

           The Application that we are developing has almost all the functionalities that help the educator in managing the classroom. This Application can be used in all educational institutions by the educator and it can be further updated by adding functionalities to students as well and upgrade it as a university or school management application

NOTE: Without the concern of our team, please don't submit to the college. This Abstract varies based on student requirements.

Block Diagram


Software Requirements:

  • Operating System                   :   Windows95/98/2000/XP
  • Application Server                  :   Tomcat 7.0             

·         Front End                                 :   HTML, JSP,CSS

·         Scripts                                      :   JavaScript.

·         Backend Language                   :   Java

·         Database                                   :   MySQL 6.0

·         IDE                                          :  Eclipse(2019-3)

Hardware Requirements:

 Processor                                 : Intel i3

·         RAM                                       : 4GB

·         Hard Disk                               : 500 GB

Learning Outcomes



·         About Android Studio.

·         Knowledge on java.

·         Hands on experience using volley libraries.

·         Knowledge on Fragments.

·         About manifest.

·         Knowledge on dependencies.

·         Knowledge on griddle builds.

·         About uses and permissions.

·         Gist on Edit texts.

·         Knowledge on Relative layout.

·         Knowledge on Linear layout.

·         Gist on image views.

·         Knowledge on Libraries.

·         Gist on Resource layout.

·         Knowledge on Activities.

·         Hands on experience on Layouts.

·         Knowledge on Adapters.

·         Gist on Different types of Buttons.

·         Knowledge on XML code.

·         Hands on experience on how to send notifications.

·         About Views.

·         Knowledge on JSON objects.

·         Knowledge on Intents.

·         Gist on put extra params to pass the values.

·         Hands on experience on PHP.

·         About SQL.

·         About Database.

·         Knowledge on data base tables.

·         Gist on How to store data in database.

·         About how to get the dialogue buttons.

·         Gist on how to put the video link.

·         Project Development Skills:

o   Problem analysing skills.

o   Problem solving skills.

o   Creativity and imaginary skills.

o   Programming skills.

o   Deployment.

o   Testing skills.

o   Debugging skills.

o   Project presentation skills.

o   Thesis writing skills.

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