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Doing a professional degree like B.Tech., or M.Tech. can be a daunting task as you will have to apply what you have learned so far in the initial years of that professional degree in order to finish your final year project. To be specific, we have considered the ECE domain known as VLSI- Very Large-Scale Integration. Based on this topic, let us discuss the project basics along with a few project titles and many more ECE Project ideas to know for every ECE course pursuing student.

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VLSI Projects

These Projects are so much diverse to discuss in a piece of article. Thus, we segregate the VLSI projects by the following project genres:

  • Back End Domains

  • Front End Domains

  • Tools

Back End Domains

The back-end domains in VLSI projects for final year correspond to the activities that aim to physically deploy the design that was earlier founded to sort any encountered problem or issue. It is here where several required hardware is gathered and assembled. Some of the back-end domains-based project sub-genres are discussed below. 

  • Cadence EDA

  • Transistor Logic

  • Lower Power VLSI

  • Core Memories

Front End Domains

The front-end domains in VLSI projects for final year correspond to the activities that aim to find a solution for any encountered problem or issue. An improvised circuitry design is made as a solution to sort out any encountered issues in VLSI so that the outcome of the resultant IC is resistant to those already investigated issues. Some of the front-end domains-based project sub-genres are discussed below. 

  • Cadence EDA

  • Arithmetic Core

  • Communications

  • Testing

  • Finite State Machines

  • DSP Core

  • Nano Technology


The tools used in the design of any VLSI are usually decided based on future utilization and the required outcome. Some of the tools used in VLSI projects for final year ECE are given below. 

  • H-Spice

  • FPGA

  • Xilinx Vivado

  • Tanner EDA

  • Cadence EDA

  • QCA

  • Xilinx ISE

  • LT-Spice

Few VLSI projects for ECE final year students

In this sub-header, we will be detailing a few VLSI projects for ECE final year students in different genres. This will aid the ECE students to know the trending ECE final year project titles. Furthermore, project beginners can have their shot in the below-listed VLSI projects for final year ECE as we have taken many things like Back End Domains, Front End Domains, and Tools.

A Three-Stage Comparator and Its Modified Version with Fast Speed and Low Kickback 

As the dual staged comparing devices have become obsolete, the tri-staged comparing devices have already replaced them as they tend to have additional amplifying state. Thus, an improvement in its design will be of utmost importance. The novel designing of tri-staged comparing devices is done by making effective changes in the amplifying state with the adoption of the CMOS input pair. This would be causing the rising of the speed and lessening of kickback noise.

A Fully Synthesizable All-Digital Phase-Locked Loop with Parametrized and Portable Architecture

Using the Verilog Hardware Description Language, a novel and portable enough circuitry arrangement is designed by using the ADPLL- All-Digital Phase-Locked Loop. It could preferably contain DCO- Digitally Controllable Oscillator that could be varied as needed. 

Inexact Signed Wallace Tree Multiplier Design Using Reversible Logic

For the sake of realization on an inexact 4:2 enhanced compressing equipment, an inexact Baugh-Wooley Wallace tree multiplier could be devised. This enhanced compressing equipment could preferably contain a lesser ER-Error Rate and plus or minus 1 ED- Error Distance. The realization could be based on Reverse logic.

Rapid Low power Voltage level shifter Utilizing Regulated Cross Coupled Pull Up Network

The logic of LS circuitry system could be devised with large values of speed and very lesser power. The power utilization of this circuitry system could be reduced by making use of a controlled cross-coupled arrangement in the pull-up area of it. Furthermore, this arrangement would also be responsible for raising the speed of the circuitry system.

CORDIC Architecture For Discrete Cosine Transform

As many sophisticated computational methodologies like logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric exist in the subject of mathematics, the need for developing novel yet simpler ways of computing those computational methodologies is ever increasing in the scholarly world. 

Top 50+ Project Ideas VLSI projects for final year ECE

Some VLSI projects for ECE final year students are going to be listed here. These project topics will cover every nook and corner of VLSI in Electronics ranging from basic FPGA modifications to Purpose specific applications. We have listed more than 50 project titles for you to attempt so that your final year project experience can be pleasant.

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