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No one doing a professional degree can go to their final year without doing the mini projects. Though many of the professional degrees in India focus much more on theoretical-wise knowledge during most period of a degree, some period is imparted to the students to develop and apply the gained theoretical/ technical knowledge. During this period, the student doing professional degrees like engineering degrees might mandatorily need to finish their mini-projects and final year projects in order to complete the degree. Thus, students also tend to gather many sources in order to successfully complete their mini projects or final year project. So, in this discussion, we will focus on the perspective of ECE students who are doing their mini projects. We will discuss a few latest ECE mini projects and then list more than 100 minor projects for ECE students so that they are guided on the right path to complete their mini projects.

Few Mini Project Ideas for ECE

In this section, we will be detailing a few mini projects for ECE students so that the ECE course pursuing students can get a basic idea of how the electronics-based project will be. Especially, if you are a beginner in these ECE mini projects, then these ideas are for you. Thus, the ECE mini projects for the students can be hassle-free.

An Efficient Resource Allocation Algorithm for D2D Communications Based on NOMA 

The scope for improvement in mobile communication systems never seems to stop as user expectations itself seem to have a rapid hike. Thus, an effective resource delegating methodology might be proposed in order to enhance the current capabilities of a communication system in terms of throughput and uplink energy efficiency

Mobile Alarm for gas leak Detection

Not all gas accidents taking place in India is due to electrical short-circuiting issues. Many of those gas fire accidents tend to take place because of gas leakage issues that were left unaltered for some period. Thus, with the help of a buzzer, the gas leak identifying system might be put into effort by the simple deployment of a gas sensor. 

Average Information based Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio

As the wireless mode interactions are resources constraint in terms of bandwidth and power, the need for effective application of spectrum arises. Average Information (i.e.) Entropy dependent investigation by taking the primary users could be done in order to put forth an effective spectrum application system.

A Low-Power Yet High-Speed Configurable Adder for Approximate Computing 

As approximating computing has gained much attention in order to apply for error tolerating utilizations with accuracy tradeoffs, the deployment of adders has also increased a lot. Thus, the adders could be used for large speed-cum less powered approximating computing utilizations. 

Wireless Control System for Dc Motor to Position a Dish Antenna Using Microcomputer

Receiving the signals from the satellites through a manually operated dish antenna can be a daunting task for any channel broadcaster. For eliminating the difficulties in receiving the signals, the effective position for signals receiving dish antenna might be automated with the integration of a micro-processing computing element and DC motor. 

DOA Estimation for Wideband LFM Signals with a Few Snapshots

In many information-based systems, the LFM- Linear Frequency Modulation typed signals have been found to be deliberately utilized. Thus, a novel way of calculating the DOA-Direction Of Arrival for it can be undertaken by utilizing FrFT- Fractional Fourier Transform.

Automatic Exhaust Fan control couple to Gas Leak Detection

Though some instances of gas accidents can never be avoided, however, it can be reduced by having caution and automated exhausting systems. Any traces of gas leakage can be found by anyone nearby as the buzzer will be rung because of the cautioning system. Furthermore, the leaked gas might be automatically exhausted by coupling the fan to the gas sensor in the gas leak cautioning system.

Automatic Street Light which Works Based on the Vehicle Movement 

Not all the time, the street lights on a road are powered on since there will be times when there will be no vehicles on the road. For instance, at night time, there might be no or few vehicles that move. Thus, the automated street lighting system could be deployed by making use of simple proximity sensors (IR sensors) to detect and automatically operate the lighting system whenever the vehicle comes in closer proximity to the system. 

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Top 100 Mini Project Topics for ECE Students

Few latest mini projects for ECE are discussed in this section. These project topics are from diverse domains like Embedded Systems, VLSI- Very Large-Scale Integration, WSNs- Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Networks, Communication, and Android. These domains are popular among the ECE course pursuing students to do their ECE mini projects. 100 of these ECE mini projects have been listed so that many students who want to start from scratch can benefit from it. 

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