Top Projects for Electrical Engineering Students

As a premier project consultancy in India that has served more than 11,000 engineering students, Takeoff projects can offer complete project support and assistance for engineering students. 

With an extensive library of projects for electrical engineering students. successfully executed by our electrical engineering professionals, we can inspire new electrical project ideas for engineering students. If you are already in the middle of your project but are facing problems in your execution, our professional can jump right in and solve them for you. For electrical engineering students short of time and resources, our electrical engineering professionals can also ideate, build the project, execute it successfully and deliver it to you in the given time frame.

If you are yet to come up with the idea for your electrical engineering projects, you can check out our below list of projects for electrical engineering students for more ideas.

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Project Code
Project Name
1 TEPGPE267 Control of a Grid-Tied Battery-Less Two-Stage Solar PV System With Sea...

Solar Power Generation

2 TEPGPE265 A Grid-Connected PV System Based on Quasi-Z-Source Inverter With Maxim...

Solar Power Generation

3 TEPGED205 Three-Leg DC–DC Converter for Efficient Inductive Power Transfer of El...

DC - DC Converters

4 TEPGED204 A Grid Connected PV Array and Battery Energy Storage Interfaced EV Cha...

Hybrid Systems|Solar Power Generation|DC - AC Converters

5 TEPGED203 Modified Adaptive Filter Based UPQC for Battery Supported Hydro Driven...
6 TEPGED202 Battery Connected Multi-level Inverter Fed PMSM for Electric Vehicle ...

Multilevel Converters|Multilevel Converters

7 TEPGPE261 Design and Implementation Bidirectional DC–AC Converter for Energy Sto...
8 TEPGED201 A Modified PI-Controller Based High Current Density DC–DC Converter fo...

DC - DC Converters

9 TEPGED200 Electric Vehicle-to-Vehicle Energy Transfer Using On-Board Converters

AC-AC Converters

10 TEPGPE258 Three-Phase Multiport DC–AC Inverter for Interfacing Photovoltaic and ...

Solar Power Generation

Items per page:
1 – 10 of 862

No electrical and electronic device is possible without the expertise of an electrical engineer. They design the supply of power, implement the electrical and electronic components and make sure everything works as per the expectation. There is hardly any branch of engineering that doesn’t depend on electrical and electronics systems and this makes an electrical engineer the most in-demand engineering professional in the world. 

With the right training, practical exposure, and practice every electrical engineering student becomes an expert electrical engineer with a promising career, and projects for electrical engineering students during graduation and post-graduation play a key role in making it possible.

Are You Looking for Projects for Electrical Engineering Students & Support?

Being a highly technical subject with mathematical rigor electrical engineering is one of those engineering fields where practical exposure is paramount for solid understanding. Picking the right projects for electrical engineering students that aligns with the area of interest can make wonders for their technical acumen and understanding of electrical engineering. 

However, just like the theory, executing a solid projects for electrical engineering students with practical application is tough and naturally needs expert help. The hardships start from picking the right electrical with ample practical scope. Planning the resources, designing, and executing them successfully is a long arduous process that may not be possible without expert guidance from professional project consultancies like Takeoff Projects.

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