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With a dedicated electrical department that specializes in ideating, designing, and executing power system based projects, Takeoff Projects offers complete assistance from start to finish for engineering students.

Our power system based projects span across – power generation using renewable sources, improvements in transmission, distribution and more. Our extensive and growing library is filled with projects across all possible areas. Our experts can provide ideas if you are about to kick-start your projects or can help with implementation with your stalled project. If you are student with less time and resources we can build your power system based project of your choice from ground-up, execute and deliver it to you with in stipulated timeframe successfully. Checkout our library of power system based projects and contact us here.

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Project Code
Project Name
1 TEPGPS793 Control of a Grid-Tied Battery-Less Two-Stage Solar PV System With Sea...

DC - AC Converters

2 TEPGPS792 A Grid-Connected PV System Based on Quasi-Z-Source Inverter With Maxim...

DC - AC Converters

3 TEPGPS791 A Grid Connected PV Array and Battery Energy Storage Interfaced EV Cha...

Hybrid Systems|DC - AC Converters|Electrical Vehicles

4 TEPGPS789 Three-Phase Multiport DC–AC Inverter for Interfacing Photovoltaic and ...

DC - AC Converters

5 TEPGPS788 Energy Management and Power Quality Improvement of Hybrid Renewable En...
6 TEPGPS787 A Novel Single Phase Grid Connected Transformer-Less Solar Micro-Inver...


7 TEPGPS785 Distributed Energy Resources Based EV Charging Station With Seamless C...

Electrical Vehicles

8 TEPGPS784 Control Strategy for Multiple Residential Solar PV System in Distribut...

Power Quality

9 TEPGPS782 An Optimized Reactive Power Compensation Strategy to Extend the Workin...

Multilevel Converters

10 TEPGPS579 A Distributed Multimode Control Strategy for the Cascaded DC-DC Conver...

DC - DC Converters|

Items per page:
1 – 10 of 555

In the wake of electric power crisis India is experiencing in last few years, the demand for power generation using renewable energy sources is more than ever. Be it power generation using alternative sources, or improvements in transmission and distribution is an in-demand field with bright future. Power systems is a sub-field in electrical engineering that deals with generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity. 

So any electrical engineering student looking for an evergreen career in electrical engineering must focus of power system based projects.

Power System based Projects – Challenges

Choosing power system based projects will give you a solid understanding of the power generation sector – its problems, challenges and solutions. This way an electrical engineering student can choose the right problems to work in his electrical engineering career which will open up a sea of opportunities in electrical engineering sector.

However, the width and breath of power systems in electrical engineering is wide and so is the scope for power system based projects for engineering students. Power generation, transmission, distribution, utilization – each aspect of power system presents excellent opportunity for students to pick the right project. 

However, being a highly theoretical field with electrical engineering projects, especially Power system based projects are tough to execute successfully without right guidance and assistance. And this is where Takeoff projects can help.

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