7 Trending Power Systems Based Projects for EEE

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This article list outs the power system based projects for eee for b.tech, diploma & m.tech engineering students & researchers. Power Systems are the major part of the Electrical Engineering which deals with the generation, Transformation, Distribution and Protection of Electric Power in combination with electrical devices connected to them including generators, motors and transformers. 

In our Electrical Engineering, Power Systems are considered to be the core subject in which we come across theoretical knowledge under different conditions by using different resources. But when we are entered into our final year of graduation we need to concentrate more on Practical knowledge.

Now-a-days Electrical Engineers are motivated to learn the designing, managing and improving the power systems because the major part of the world depends upon the word Power which can be terminated as power systems. Without Power Systems there would be no Power in the Electrical Devices because the power systems behave as Heart to our Electrical Engineering.

The research we are going to do in this specific domain named Power systems areas will provide the graduation with a wide scope of career options. Power System based projects are considered to be most important in Electrical domains as well as in our specialized technology. There is a huge demand for power system based projects because of its numerous increased technology and the major applications that are considered in our real life. 

The 7 trending power system based projects for final year graduating students may available here. These trending and specialized projects might be utilized based upon your idea of implementing. For diploma and engineering students, the following power system based projects to enhance your knowledge. These are magnified and unique power system based ideas that graduating students might pick out based on your area of interest. 

The bottom line- Electrical Students are prepared for the professional world through final year electrical Engineering projects. After all, highlighting your hands-on experiences and projects on your resume makes it simpler to capture the attention of potential employers.

Power System Based Projects for EEE

1. Analysis, Modeling and Implementation of a Switching Bi-Directional Buck-Boost Converter Based on Electric Vehicle Hybrid Energy Storage for V2G System

Electric Vehicles are the future of specialized technology throughout the world. These vehicles may provide the clean and green energy to the mother Earth. As we know, the battery stores the energy which will supply in the critical times. The power plays a major role because in this project the power which is supplied to the system can be from two sources. 

So this can be called as a hybrid power source. Here in this project Switching bi-directional buck-boost converter, hybrid energy storage system, Li-battery, super capacitors, V2G are combined together to produce the required output.

2. Construction and Performance Investigation of Three-Phase Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage System Integrated UPQC

Renewable Energy Resources are the most demanding sources in the Power System operation. Among these Solar and wind plays a major role. Power quality is the most specified problem that arises in the distribution of the power supply to the load. So to overcome that power quality problems, many mitigating devices or methods were introduced. 

This project analysis will be based on the performance research for solar pv and battery storage system integrated UPQC which is used to compensate reactive power. This type of project can be used for high power applications and has many advantages.

3. Development of an Electric Vehicle Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drive

Researches are being made to improve the technology in our day-to-day life. Among the improved technology the Electric Vehicle plays the major role. The usage of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly because of its magnified nature. 

Here in this project, we can observe the controlling and developing nature of Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drive. By doing this, we can regulate the speed of the vehicle with some controlling techniques. So the Electric Vehicle may not deviate to other distractions. Some type of electric cars can also use this type of techniques.

4. Single Stage Autonomous Solar Water Pumping System Using PMSM Drive

The nature of human-beings will be as like the product/power which we are consuming should have quantity and quality at a low cost/price. So by  keeping in mind this as a common point the researches are inventing many things to improve the technology. As we know Solar is a free of cost and has many advantages to supply the power to the load. In this project, the water pumping system is the load which utilizes solar as a source. 

The process and controlling of the mentioned system can be seen in this project, which will have the many advantages like low cost effective, high torque-speed characteristics and more efficient. Major applications of this project  at marine systems and for irrigation purposes.

5. Energy Management System for Small Scale Hybrid Wind Solar Battery Based Microgrid

Many Global initiatives are increasing to improve the usage of  renewable energy resources which are the present and future scope of Power Generation. Here both Solar PV Panel and Wind Turbine are the major sources of Power Production. The combination of these two resources may be considered as Hybrid Energy resources. 

To compensate the losses that are present in the renewable energy resources can be modified by using energy storage systems. Here in this project Energy management system, hybrid system, microgrid, solar energy, standalone system and wind energy are the major components that are used. This type of projects can be used for standalone applications of remote sites.

6. Coordinated Fuzzy-Based Low-Voltage Ride-Through Control for PMSG Wind Turbines and Energy Storage Systems

Wind turbines are the power generating components which generate power by using the speed of the wind. The other most important thing we should consider is energy storage systems which will store the energy and produces for the future purposes. 

There are many methods that exist in the system to control the fluctuations that are arising in the Wind power generation among that controlling method fuzzy plays a major role which works by using If-then rules. In this project permanent magnet synchronous machine based wind turbine is utilized along with the Fuzzy controller. It may have many advantages like smoothening wind power fluctuations and enabling power handling capabilities.

7. Simulation and Fault Detection Techniques for Multilevel Inverters used in Smart Grids

Smart grids are the ones which are playing a major role in the distribution of supply to the load. Smart grids are the combination of different types of sources. It may consist some intelligent controlling over the system/supply. 

Each and every system may possess some faults/mistakes in the whole universe. Without fault there will be no system that may work with 100% accuracy. So, in this power system which includes generation, transmission and distribution may also have the faults. So in this project the fault detection techniques are used for the faults in multilevel inverters, which are used in smart grids. It may increase the efficiency and reliability of the system by controlling faults. It may have major applications like smart charging of PHEVs and V2G.


All these Power systems based projects will be excellent additions to your portfolio as they will showcase your real-world skills and hands-on experience to prospective employers. If you wish to improve your Power Systems technical skills, you need to get your hands Experience on these Power Systems project ideas. Now go head and put to test all the knowledge that you’ve gathered through our Power Systems project ideas guide to build your own Power System projects.  

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