Mini Projects for EEE

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Any student doing either his pre-final or final year in UG or else PG course needs to finish their assigned projects for the sake of getting the degree at the end of the program. Those projects can be full-fledged project or mini-project, based on which the requirement and mindset to finish the project differs. In this write-up, we have discussed over 100+ mini projects for EEE so that any electrical engineering-based students benefit from. Furthermore, we also discuss a few projects in brief and then present the miscellaneous topics. Finally, a guide to those who do the projects are presented.

Mini projects for EEE

The mini projects for EEE are generally concerned with investigation of numerous electronics or electrical-based techs like Turbines, UPS, Microgrids, Power Distribution Systems (PDS), Nano grids, Voltage controllers, Motors, speed controllers, Rectifiers, Oscillation suppressors, Converters, Induction Generators, etc. Comprehensive list of mini projects for EEE are presented below.

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Detailing a few Project Ideas for EEE

In this section, around 5project titles have been briefed below. 

Modeling and Simulation of Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drives via Constant Volt/Hertz Technique

Various induction motor dependent utilizations could be aimed to be improvised by using the uniform Hertz/ Volt approach to model and simulate the direct torque administering induction motor.

Design of Fuzzy Logic Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Solar Array for Cloud Weather Conditions

The weather situations affecting the solar array could be investigated and maintained by drafting the fuzzy logic-oriented peak power point surveillance controlling device.

Tripping Mechanism Of Over Voltage Or Under Voltage Systems

From the application perspective, there is an increased need to built a trip technique to cut off both the under as well as the over voltage. Thus, depending upon the intended application, the design of tripping circuitry system might be varied to suit your purpose. 

Gsm Protocol Integrated Energy Management System

GSM- Global System for Mobile Communications could be utilized in a energy administering system irrespective of the type of energy that you desire to manage. 

Load Control System Using Dtmf Displaying Moving Message On Notice Board Using Pc

By deploying the DTMF- Dual Tone Multi-Frequency-oriented showcasing mobile message, a novel administering system could be developed by also integrating with the notice board and the PC- Personal Computer.

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Other Miscellaneous Project titles for you

In addition to over 100 mini projects for EEE given in the preceded sub-section, we also list other miscellaneous project topics revolving around IoT, converter, micro controlling circuitry systems, etc.

How do you get your support for your ECE Mini projects from Takeoff Projects

The Project ideas for EEE students have gained easier accessibility because of support received from many academic project centers. Likewise, Takeoff Projects is one among the best academical aiding center that will aid for any mini project ideas for EEE students. They host a plenty of electrical field experts who can help the students whatever their need is. Those projects offered by them are not just domain-specific, as they tend to offer mini project topics for EEE in domains like Power Electronics, Power Systems, Communication Systems, Embedded Systems, and Wireless Networks.

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