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This article list outs the power electronics projects for, diploma & engineering students & researchers. Power Electronics is a branch of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which deals with the screening and processing of high currents and high voltages to supply power that will stands for different type of needs. Power supply from one form with the help of semiconductor switches and control mechanisms to another form by supplying a controlled and regulated power. 

In our Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Electronics plays a major role because almost the core subjects in this era were related to Power Electronic Devices. In our graduation life, at least 40% subjects will explain us in both theoretically and experimentally whether it may be related to programs or it may be in a proto-type manner. 

In these ameliorating technology era, the students are motivated to design and develop their skills by utilizing electronic devices in an efficient manner. Without Power Electronic Devices there would be no operation of the circuit because the power electronic devices would be considered as the brain of the system.

When we are enrolled for a graduation in masters, we can come with exciting opportunities on the basis of the field of our interest in the Power Electronics Domain. If it is our core subject, then we can get good knowledge and problem solving capability. So our skills can be improved and we can place in a good position. This can be approached when it is related to the improved technology.

The Top 10 Power Electronic based Projects for the final year graduating students may available here. This specialized and dexterous project can be analyzed based upon your idea of visualization. For Diploma and Graduating students the specified projects will brighten up your part of the project. These are augmented and elaborated Power Electronics based projects that technically graduating students can perceive on the area of your zest.

The bottom line- Electrical Students are prepared for the professional world through final year electrical Engineering projects. After all, highlighting your hands-on experiences and projects on your resume makes it simpler to capture the attention of potential employers. 

Power Electronics Projects

1. Design and Implementation of Three-phase to single phase AC Solid State Transformer

Many developments are increasing as per the specialized technology. So the technology has also increased in the power electronics. The increased technology on the distribution side may be specified as intelligent technology. 

The traditional ways are obtaining to improve more technology in the transformers. The usage of the distribution equipment with the level of intelligence is increasing day by day. Among the improved intelligent technologies, the Solid State Transformer plays a major role because of its nature of integrating and transforming the voltage through the technology of power electronics. 

In this project we are going to study in detail about the performance of SST which is connected in three phase and single phase along with electrical isolation and fault isolation. By using this, the distribution network can work with more efficient and high reliability.

2. Comparative Analysis and Exploration of a High Gain Input Current Shaped AC-DC Step-Up Converter with Feedback Controller

In our ancient days, the usage of electronic components were very less but the size of them is very huge due to older technology. But now the technology has improved, all that electronic component sizes were reduced to very less and the usage of them became more modernized. Now, when we come across the term power quality, the power which we are transferring from the distribution side to load side should be a magnified one. 

It should not consist of any fluctuations or disturbances. In this project, AC to DC step up converter with open loop and closed loop configuration circuits are compared over here to ensure the better power quality improvement. 

3. Design and Analysis of Electrical Braking Torque Limit Trajectory for Regenerative Braking in Electric Vehicles With PMSM Drive Systems

Electric vehicles are the present and future of amelioration technology. Different methods are considered to operate the electric vehicles based on the availability of the sources. 

The Electric vehicles are the one most efficient vehicle which will work by using electric power. So that we can able to abolish the use of fossil fuels. In this project, regenerative braking is applied to electric vehicles based on the operation of common motors that are existing. In this project, a method is proposed to regenerate more power with less electrical torque. If we control the braking torque, the electric vehicle will work more effectively and efficiently when it is subjected to regenerative braking.

4. A Novel Single-Phase Bidirectional Electric-Drive-Reconstructed On board Converter for Electric Vehicles

As the technology is meliorating, the lives of people should also become unified one. So the exploration on different aspects are conducting. Among the exploring technologies, the electric vehicle is the most amalgamate product of exploring technology which can be operated and characterized in different aspects. In this project, electric drive is reconstructed by using an on-board converter on the basis of switching network in the DC side is examined. 

The charging system and electrical drive system in Plug-in electric vehicles will replace the conventional drive system of the internal combustion engine. Due to the achievement of zero emissions. It may have advantages like less cost and decrease in volume due to less use of extra equipment.

5. Control for Power Converter of Small-scale Switched Reluctance Wind Power Generator

Now-a-days Renewable Energy Resources became pre-eminent resources because of its way of producing energy and their liability to the mother earth. When it comes to Non-renewable Energy Resources, they are producing toxic damage by emitting contaminated pollution to the earth. So almost renewable energy resources are to be considered most. In this project, a renewable energy resource known as wind, is considered because of its intermittent technology. 

A set of controlling schemes was proposed for switched reluctance generator based on the generation of wind power to the integrated energy storage system. The utilization efficiency can be increased. To run the wind mills and ground mills are the applications. 

6. A Novel Three-level CLLC Resonant DC-DC Converter for Bidirectional EV Charger in DC Micro grids

Each and every particle/object will attain some interest to modify it in the future. The Electric vehicle is the most interesting topic/domain to which the future transportation is dependent. When we come across the DC micro-grids, this also have acquired most effective way of distributing energy. 

This DC micro-grids have been recognized as more attractive due to its intermittent nature. As in the similar way the vehicle to grid have attained a most prospective and interesting nature. In this project, a novel three- level resonant converter has used along with bridges. By doing this, the stability, efficiency and reliability of the system can be improved.

7. Mitigation of Inter harmonics in PV Systems with Maximum Power Point Tracking Modification

As an electrical student, we should be more concern on power and problems that are arising due to power quality. The power which is acquire from the distribution side to load side will have some disturbances and it will not have the magnified power. Among all the power quality problems, the inter harmonics are the type of harmonics in which we are facing the most challenges of power quality. 

In this project, the mitigation of inter harmonics which will have a Solar PV system as a grid connected source with the modification of Maximum power point tracking can be done. It will improve system response to fast mode and the obtained power will be magnified one. It may have major applications in which solar is used as a source.

8. Super-Capacitor Assisted Battery System in EV using Quadratic Gain Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

The rapid use of fossil fuels, which are a part of non-renewable energy resources to produce power to the electric vehicles are becoming extinct and they are polluting the Earth by producing toxic gases to the earth. So, the usage of renewable energy storage systems like PV, Wind and fuel cell systems were increased rapidly to overcome the problems that are occurring in the universe. 

Among them, the Hybrid Energy Storage system which is the combination of PV and Wind plays a major role. In this project, a battery connected super-capacitor combination is used. For the operation of charging and discharging the bi-directional converters are used for the requirement of batteries and super-capacitors. By using this the complexity of controlling can be decreased and also requires less switching devices. 

9. Hybrid energy storage system control analogous to power quality enhancement operation of interlinking converters

Now-a-days the power which we are acquiring from the distribution side to load side from different sources may have different disturbances. The disturbances may occur due to different climatic conditions that are acquired from the sources. Among the major disturbances the Harmonics are considered to be most important disturbances. 

So, if we consider the Micro-grids, the increasing non-linear loads and power electronic converters will cause the unmagnified power quality. In this project, the interlinking converters will control the harmonics that are present in the system, in addition to the hybrid energy storage systems like battery and super capacitors are utilized with fuzzy controllers. This will mitigate the harmonics and produce low and high power frequency variations.

10. Passivity-Based Model Predictive Control of Three-Level Inverter-Fed Induction Motor

Our power electronic systems may possess numerous switching devices which will consist more switching process. As we know that the inverter circuit will consists of the electronic devices that are composed to switching process. 

In this project a finite control set model predictive of three level neutral point attached along with inverter fed induction motor will have switched frequency and fast dynamic response. The passivity based model predictive control has been proposed which is similar to the finite control set model predictions. Here Lyapunov function scheme is used to test the stability of the proposed system. By using this, the robustness of the system can be improved and noise that are producing by the sensors can be lessened.


All these power electronics projects will be excellent additions to your portfolio as they will showcase your real-world skills and hands-on experience to prospective employers. If you wish to improve your Power Electronics technical skills, you need to get your hands Experience on these Power Electronics project ideas. Now go head and put to test all the knowledge that you’ve gathered through our Power Systems project ideas guide to build your own Power Electronics Projects

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