Mini Projects for Computer Science

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Many engineering course students tend to overlook the mini-projects that they do both in their UG as well as PG degrees. However, the recruiters often refer to your mini projects as well while recruiting. Furthermore, the genre that you took while doing your mini projects could help the CSE students in increasing their career prospects and the successful conduct of those mini projects lies in consistent execution of technical concepts gained during their study. Thus, Mini Projects for CSE have been discussed with a wide range of genres in mind in this piece of article. Finally, we have also discussed the miscellaneous mini project titles to make this article even more comprehensive.

Possible Arenas for Mini Project for Computer Science

Though there are many diverse project genres come in mind when we talk about mini project for computer science, few of them are most important. Those project genres are as follows:

  • Python

  • Android

  • Java

  • PHP

  • Open CV

  • Data Mining

  • NS2

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Cloud Computing


Python is a famous computer interface language that is useful for programming purposes (i.e.) it is helpful in building various software, portals, automating things, and many more. It is commonly utilized language for developmental purposes. 


Android is a mobility Operating System (OS) that was designed by varying the Linux Kernel version and other few open-source tools. The primary device that runs these operating systems are mostly tablets and smart phones that could be held easily in the hands.


Java is sophisticated, class-oriented, object dependent interface language which is utilized for the programming purposes. It has been drafted to contain least possible dependencies when it comes to implementation.


PHP is common-motive script language that has been widely utilized for the sake of developing web application utilities to serve various diverse audience. 

Open CV

Open CV is nothing but a library containing various programmable utilities that helps to achieve practical computer vision. This Open CV is available free of cost wit the license of open-source Apache two.

Data Mining

Data Mining refers to the operation of acquiring and identifying specific patterns in big data sets indulging approaches based on database systems, statistics, and machine learning.


NS2 could be abbreviated as Network Simulator that is of Version Two. With the specific purpose to serve communication networks in the computer for research purposes, this NS2 is being utilized. 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a branch of computer science that is concerned with the comprehending and constructing the models which can learn. The learnability of these models depends on the rate at which the leveraging of data take place.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is an improvised machine learning approaches that relies on the concept of artificially built networks that is able to learn over than conventional machine learning. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology of utilizing computer system resources that is able to avoid the direct intervention of human beings to access and maintain those stored resources.

Python-based Mini Project Ideas for CSE Students

This section gives the Python-based Mini Project Ideas for CSE Students.

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Android Mini Projects for CSE Students

A few of the Android mini project ideas for CSE Students are given below.

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Java Mini Projects for CSE Students

A few of the Java mini project ideas for CSE Students are given in this section of the article.

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PHP Mini Projects for CSE Students

This section gives the PHP based Mini Project Ideas for CSE Students.

Mini Project Ideas for CSE Students using Open CV

A few of the Open CV Mini Projects for CSE Students are given in this section of the article.

Miscellaneous Mini Project for Computer Science Students

Over 80 UG and PG perspective Mini Projects for CSE students have been discussed including but not limited to the following project genres like Network security, Python, Java, Android, NS2, Machine learning, deep learning, data mining, cloud computing, etc. 

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