Top 6 Computer Science Engineering Projects

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This article list outs the computer science engineering projects for, diploma & engineering students & researchers. Computer engineering is the study of designing and developing computer systems and other technical devices by combining electronic engineering and computer sciences. Computer engineers are experts in a wide range of fields, including software design, electronic engineering, and software and hardware integration. 

Computer engineers can work on a variety of projects, including evaluating and creating everything from simple microprocessors to complex circuits, software development, and operating system development. Computer engineering isn't just about running computers; it's also about coming up with new ways to develop more comprehensive technology.

In Computer Science Engineering the most essential periods of your education and professional development is the last year of a graduating programme. Some companies hire on basis of projects alone or most of the time good projects put you in front of the competition. Computer Science Engineering projects are highly sought out by different Software companies. 

Some of the project made by student also sometimes transformed to start-ups or becomes part of a major company. Projects also showcase your knowledge in front of recruiter and also may become essential in the decision of hiring you or not. The top Computer Science Engineering Projects for final year engineering students are available here. 

These projects might be utilised in computer science engineering final year for diploma and engineering students, the following Computer Science Engineering projects contain both major and minor projects. These are fresh and unique Computer Science Engineering ideas that students might choose as their final year engineering project topic.

Computer Science Engineering Projects

1. Online Book Store Management Application

Nowadays some people prefer reading books but don’t have time to go to bookstore and buy them. In this day and age everything is online so bookstores also need to go online in order to survive in the market. This project is focused on solving this problem. 

Online book store management application is a web application which can be hosted online. It enables the store manager to manage and also increase his business by hosting online store. It makes store manager’s job a lot easier by giving him real time access to his stocks and also all the information of orders. The online store also makes client’s life easier as he can just search his book based on title, author and subject rather than wasting time offline.

2. E-Vaccine System

During Covid pandemic we need online systems which people can access from anywhere and book their vaccination. E-Vaccine System is a web application to track and help patients get their vaccinations in time. 

It also helps health workers to manage the supply and demand of vaccines. This system saves a lot of time. During Covid Pandemic this system can prove to be very useful. It also help in decreasing the risk of spreading virus by managing and tracking the patients.

3. Detecting Unauthorized Access of Personal Device

Nowadays crime is on the rise and security is a very serious concern for everyone. Unauthorised access is a serious problem as we generate lot of data and a lot of data like passwords, credit card numbers etc are on our electronic devices these days and if someone gets unauthorized access to our these devices they can do a lot of harm. 

To avoid this situation we propose this system. We use latest computer science deep learning techniques for person identification and then unlock device.

4. Online Bed Booking for Quarantine

During a Covid pandemic, we'll need online tools that anyone can use from anywhere to book beds for quarantine. The Online bed booking System is an online programme that keeps track of empty beds and assigns patients if available. It also aids health workers in managing beds. 

This system saves a significant amount of time. This technique could be extremely valuable in the event of a Covid Pandemic. It also helps to reduce the danger of virus spread by tracking empty beds and assigning to patient who needs it.

5. Rumor Stance Classification

Rumour is information that is untrue or deceptive. It is frequently used to harm a person's or entity's reputation or to profit from advertising income. Due to social networks rumour spreads very fast and people don’t even check facts and come to wrong conclusions. 

It can create severe consequences to society for example recent Bangladesh riots happened because of some fake rumour on Facebook. To avoid this problem we propose a system which detects rumours using machine learning algorithms

6. Company Employee Profile Using QR Code

Nowadays Industries are implementing identification system so that employees don’t need to ask permission for each and every thing and system can deal with permission automatically without human interventions. This system not only saves time but also make employee’s life easier. We propose a system which uses QR codes to show information about the person using any kind of QR scanner.


All of these computer science engineering projects will be great additions to your portfolio because they will show potential employers your real-world talents and hands-on experience. If you want to improve your computer science skills, try working on one of these Computer Science Engineering project ideas. Now go ahead and put your newfound knowledge from our Computer Science Engineering project ideas guide to use on your own Computer Science Engineering projects.

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