Top 10 Real Time Embedded Systems Projects for Students 2022

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What is Computer Science

The study of computers, computational systems, information, automation and computation is known as Computer Science. It is considered as one of the most opted courses in the engineering program. Students studying Computer Science normally perform jobs associated with software and software related systems which consists of theoretical concept, designing, progression and application of softwares. It comprises both theoretical portions like algorithms, information theory, computation theory as well as practical portions like designing and implementation of hardwares and softwares.

Meaning of Project

Project as an individual word has different meanings. But here in the sense of Final Year Project, it refers to an extensive task which is normally done by forming a group of 3 or 4 members in the UG and individually by a student in PG and higher level. 

Final Year Projects for Computer Science

The Final Year Projects for Computer Science helps the final year CSE students to exhibit their knowledge or skills gained during the course like coding, programming, etc. 

Doing a good computer science project in the final year of your course helps to secure high marks in the final year and thus in turn guides you to a good job in the future as well. Hence it is aware that a good final year project not only helps to score high marks but is also very helpful for the future career of a graduate or a postgraduate. 

Project Contribution

The Final Year Projects for CSE should contribute in such a way that it should act as a solution to real world issues. The students should be capable enough to provide a solution to real world issues through implementing what their knowledge gained throughout the entire course. 

Project Format and Submission

The Final Year Projects should be submitted in the form of a project report which has to be prepared by following a certain standard format. The standard format varies depending upon the type of graduation program like BE Final Year Projects For CSE. 

Students should adhere to the common format or the basic outline like how the objectives of the project are accomplished. The basic information, implementation steps, algorithms, codes, formulae, results, etc. that are done during the project must be compiled in the project report and must be submitted to the project guide or supervisor.

After completing the Final Year Projects of Computer Science, the projects are submitted to the respective project guide for verification. After validating the project, the project guide might either suggest some corrections or reject the project in some rare cases if the project guide is not satisfied with the quality of work.

Three Stages of Final Year Projects

The Final Year Projects for CSE consists of three important stages. They are listed below:

  • Idea Forming Stage

  • Strategy Devising Stage

  • Implementation Making Stage

Idea Forming Stage

The idea forming stage is the basic and fundamental stage of a Final Year Project. The basic idea or thought of what topic has to be chosen for the Final Year Project is formed here. The feasibility study is performed to check whether the chosen topic is feasible or not. All the possibilities of carrying out the projects are checked to obtain the desired results at the end of the project. Finally, a prior project proposal is made which includes various basic details, benefits, rational steps, proposed technique, estimated costs, etc.

Strategy Devising Stage

Strategy Devising Stage is the second stage. Here the strategy is devised to carry out the tasks efficiently and to obtain the desired results for achieving the project objectives. The detailed strategy report is made which includes the strategy for finance estimations and resources that are to be utilised in the project. Some of the important tasks required to be completed in the stage are listed in the following:

  • Identifying the sequence and the respective activities of the project.

  • Setting the time and budget for the implementation

  • Mentioning the diverse characteristics and features of the project for ensuring easy implementation of the final year project.

Implementation Making Stage

This is the last stage of the final year project. Here the idea formed initially and the strategy devised are put into action in an efficient manner. The project's objectives are achieved by inspecting, controlling and coordinating all the actions performed in this stage. Some of the significant operations performed in this stage are listed below:

  • Proper communication

  • Quality regulation

  • Managing the changes

  • Monitoring the progress

  • Inspecting the total cost and time taken

Major Types of CSE Project Domains

Normally, the Final Year Projects for Computer Science are done in four major CSE domains such as:

  • Python - Python consists of various important concepts like Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Data Mining as its subdivisions. 

  • Android - Many important topics like Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Secure Computing, Service Computing, Mobile Computing, etc. come under the category of Android.

  • Java - Big Data, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Networking, Parallel and DIstributed System, Software Engineering, Intrusion Detection System, etc. belong to the main domain of Java.

  • NS2 - MANET, WANET, Networking, Mobile Computing, Wireless Communication, etc are the main topics under the CSE domain of NS2.

Top Final Year CSE Projects

Some of the top Final Year CSE Projects under the major CSE Project Domains mentioned above are listed in this section.


This article provides brief details about the Final Year Projects specially for the Computer Science specialisation. The basic information like what is computer science, meaning of the word project, project contribution, project format and submission, three major stages of Final Year Projects, major classifications of CSE Project Domains. Then some of the top Final Year CSE Projects were also listed for the students reference.

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