Innovative IoT Project Ideas for Engineering Students 2022

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The world is continuously progressing and has entirely shifted towards modern technologies like Data Science. This has resulted in recent advancements like surgical bots, autonomous cars, AI dependent smart assistants, cancer diagnostic techniques and at last Internet of Things (IoT). Everything in the world has become modernized in the last few years thanks to the advanced digital revolution due to the IoT.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a recent advancement in the scientific world which got rapidly developed in the 21st century. No one could have imagined a world where we could connect and control almost all objects like door locks, thermostats, electrical appliances, kitchen appliances, automotive and baby monitors, etc. through the help of an integrated central network . 

As a student who is interested in the IoT topic, one can concentrate and try to do the final year projects on IoT. Currently, there is a huge scope for the 
IoT project ideas when compared to other modern concepts.

What is IoT

Various physical objects like sensors, hardwares, appliances and automobiles, etc are connected with software, processing ability and various technologies. This facilitates the exchange of data with other systems and devices through the use of communication networks or the internet. This process is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can be applicable to numerous objects starting from the common domestic household objects to the advanced industrial equipment.

Importance of IoT

IoT has become one of the most important techniques in recent times, owing to its benefits of connecting with various objects or appliances in the home and industry from a different location. One is also able to control those objects and also communicate with other people, things and processes.

Through using recent technology advancements like cloud computing, mobile technologies, low cost computing and big data analytics; the physical objects or things possess the ability to collect and share the gathered data without any interventions from human beings. It is simply like the physical solid world can meet the digital virtual world where the objects can be controlled and coordinated. Hence in this advanced atmosphere surrounding us, the digital system are capable of monitoring, recording and adjusting the interaction done among the connected objects.

Types of IoT Users

The consumers who make use of IoT concepts for their business development and day to day activities are known as IoT users. These IoT users are broadly classified into three major types. They are:

  • Individuals

  • Society

  • Industry


These users are common people who use any one of the IoT gadgets produced by famous companies for enhancing their lifestyle and to maintain their health condition.


These users are normally a set of people or communities who make use of IoT based devices for identifying solutions to certain problems and normal tasks.


These users are normally the large consumers of IoT technology. The industries and economic sector fall under this category, whose primary motive is to satisfy the customer requirement by utilising IoT technology.

IoT Projects

Students doing projects in their final year, should consider the IoT Project Ideas as the IoT concept is blooming at a rapid pace and students doing projects on IoT gain a lot of values and experience. 

And in the aspect of developing job opportunities in software development, doing an IoT based project adds on to a candidate profile. Doing ToT based projects for solving real world issues certainly exhibits the skill level of a candidate and thus helps to convert the student’s knowledge from theoretical to practical level. More knowledge can be gained if a student concentrates on doing more IoT based projects.

Arduino IoT Projects

IoT makes everyone's life easier due to the wide range of applications. Numerous mobile and web technologies are being developed nowadays. And due to the current trend, it is necessary to develop new technology based on IoT. The Arduino IoT concept acts as the enhanced technology in IoT. Actually, it is a comparatively smaller one than the normal IoT concept.

It is a rapidly growing technology. Almost every organisation and businesses are making use of some sort of technology for their development and growth. And IoT plays a major role among the other concepts like Cloud and Big Data. It influences a majority of business growth in the current scenario. It is just like how an illusion or fantasy can turn into a reality.

Arduino IoT technology is one of the leading and forthcoming technologies. Doing projects on Arduino IoT technology enhances the students' knowledge. It helps in securing a good job with a good scale of pay. Students in final year can select Arduino IoT as their project title if they are looking for a good job.

IoT Projects for Engineering Stream

IoT acts as the bridge between the physical world and the digital or virtual world. Doing IoT based projects is a significant part mainly for the engineering stream. The engineering students can gain hands-on practice in data collection, handling of physical components and in remote controlling. Moreover, doing IoT projects in engineering final year helps the students to secure a good job so that one can develop practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

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Top Topics for IoT Project Ideas

IoT Projects can be done in numerous domains and topics. Some well known topics for doing IoT based projects during the full time courses are discussed here. They are:

  • Smart City - An IoT based smart city structure consists of automatic traffic lights, night lights, automatic functioning of sanitation, waste management, water supply, electric supply etc.

  • Smart Environment - IoT based smart environment enables the automatic sensing of climatic conditions such as rain, cyclones, floods, etc.

  • Smart Agriculture - IoT based smart agriculture makes use of sensors and recent technologies for automatic irrigation, soil texture identification, water, supply, light sensing, humidity sensing and monitoring temperature.

  • Smart Healthcare - IoT based smart healthcare plays a major role in the modern healthcare system. Numerous deadly diseases like cancer, kidney disease, heart problems etc can be detected and treated using the IoT concept.

  • Smart Buildings and Living - IoT based smart buildings comprise of modern technologies like CCTV, automatic gate, access control, intrusion system and perimeter protection for security purposes.

  • Smart Transport and Mobility - IoT concept is utilized in smart transport in various components like electronic toll payment like Fastag, transit management, automatic traffic signal, automatic railway crossing, etc.

  • Smart Manufacturing and Retail - IoT based smart manufacturing enables the usage of automatic equipment for the accurate machining process.

  • Smart Energy - IoT based smart energy concentrates more on utilizing the renewable energy resources.

  • Driving Monitor System - IoT is also utilised in the driving monitor system for monitoring the driving pattern of the vehicle.

  • Face Recognition - IoT is also utilized in the automatic face recognition, which is utilized in numerous places.

  • IoT enabled underwater WSNs - It combines the concepts of both IoT and WSN.

  • Air Quality Monitoring - IoTs are also utilised for monitoring the air quality index.

The above mentioned IOT project topics help you to do a good IoT based final year project. Almost all the IoT applications are covered in the above topics. 

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Top IoT Project Ideas 

Some of the top projects based on IoT for the students are listed below:


This article gives brief details about the IoT project ideas. Initially, a short introduction about IoT is given. Then the importance of IoT is discussed in the article. The various types of IoT users are listed and each of them are explained briefly. Then the brief description about IoT projects, Arduino IoT Projects, IoT projects for engineering stream are discussed. Then top topics for IoT project ideas were suggested for doing the projects on IoT. Then the top IoT project ideas were listed for the reference.

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