List of Simple Arduino Projects

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This article list outs the simple arduino projects for, diploma & engineering students & researchers. Some of you are interested in Coding and other are interested in Electronics. Many are failing in Integrating both Electronics and Coding which is reflecting on their careers. Now a days students are blaming their own institutions/colleges like their faculty did not give proper guidance and all. But there are many platforms like Takeoff which are giving training for Freshers and making them strong to build great careers.

Here are some simple arduino projects added for your knowledge. As a beginner you can learn some basics here in this article like various possibilities of interfacing sensors, modules and even concepts. Now its your turn to Imagine the possibilities after reading this article.

Simple Arduino Projects

1. Smart bag for Women Safety

Motive of this work is to save the women when she is in danger. Women just required to press the switch to acknowledge the surroundings with the help of Buzzer and location details to received Nearby Police station and Care takers. This Smart Bag for Women Safety is implemented using Arduino.

Applications of these Women Safety Bag is particularly for college girls, ladies and for kids. The location details received by the care taker are used for indictment. Advantages are compact in size and easy to maintain and carry, low cost. For the future scope, you can add Fingerprint sensor to existing.

2. Smart Parking System

Conventionally Parking slots are monitored by human beings. At present in many multiplex systems and shopping Malls, there is a severe problem for car parking systems. Smart Parking System based on Arduino uses sensors to find out, whether the parking slots are free or occupied. So, the person entering the parking area can view the LED display and can decide which lane to enter so as to park the car.

Even you can able to check free and occupied parking places from your mobile APP/Webserver by including IOT device to this existing Work. Then simple Smart Parking System became an IOT based Smart parking system with updated technology.

3. Smart Irrigation System

The objective of this project is minimizing efforts of farmer with the help of Sensors and Automation.  Smart Irrigation System built around Arduino programmed with embedded C language. Using GSM Farmer will get a message alert about pump status. 

Using this implementation farmer can monitor water level, Temperature, whether fire is there or not in the field. Even you can upload measured values to Things speak Server using IOT Modules in future scope.

4. Smart Pillow

The motive of this Smart Pillow is to monitor the parameters like light intensity, temperature and heartbeat of the body. If any of these values crosses its threshold values then buzzer will alert and message will be send.

Smart Pillow having sensors for measuring general health factors, while sleeping.  In addition to the message alert, even you will get image of the person having Smart Pillow under future scope.

5. Medicare Robot

In this COVID-19 Scenario to prevent doctors and medical staff from affecting Coronavirus Medicare Robot is one of the solution.  This robot provides medicine, as well as to measure vital health parameters. 

The movement and finding the path to patient location is done through IR Sensors. RFID Reader identifies the patient with the help of ‘Tags’, so that Medicare Robot will stop to provide the Pills. All the measured parameters will be uploaded to the cloud using IOT Device.


Here you observed some simple arduino projects which given you basic information on Arduino, sensors, various interfacing modules and various concepts like Women safety, Smart Agriculture, Smart Medicare, Smart parking system etc. So to build a great career in Embedded Systems, learning these controllers Knowledge and interfacing techniques are needed.

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