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Now, many computer science-based engineering students have started taking the Deep Learning Projects as their mini or final year projects as it has become a prospect for multi-disciplinary applications. So, we will be discussing a few Deep Learning Projects Ideas and Deep Learning Mini Projects in this article dealing with Deep Learning Projects. Please note that all Deep Learning Projects with source code that are available online are not authentic.

What do you know about Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is an adaptation of AI-Artificial Intelligence and ML-Machine Learning concepts that replicates the way in which human beings acquire knowledge. It is an indispensable part of the sector of data science by including both predictive modelling and statistical investigation.

Some basics to know about Deep Learning

The 5 necessities for beginning Deep Learning Projects are listed below. 

  • Preparing with your system- A PC with at least minimum specifications need to be prepared for starting with the deep learning application.

  • Know about Python programming- Know all the basic tools and functions needed to program with the help of python, as it is mostly used for deep learning applications. 

  • Know Linear Algebra and Calculus- Knowing all the basics of calculus and linear algebra 

  • Probabilities and Statistical analysis- Be ready to make use of statistical analysis and concepts of probabilities depending upon the application. 

  • Major Concepts in Machine Learning - All the important concepts of machine learning methods needed to be known. 

What is the future scope of Deep Learning?

The future scope of Deep Learning is listed one by one. 

  • Deep learning concepts have the potential to be applied in NLP or many computer vision utilizations.

  • A system that is as close as possible to human behaviour can be constructed with Deep learning.

  • Tech giant acquiring “DeepMind Technologies” indicates the prevalence of deep learning.

  • Reasoning processes in a decision-aiding system need deep learning.

  • As the quality and complexity of applications handled by deep learning are higher, the expertise needs also have to increase with it. 

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Few Deep Learning Projects Ideas to know

Some of the Deep Learning Projects Ideas have been compiled and given below. Then all Deep Learning Projects Ideas will be briefed one by one.

Discriminating Feature-based Learning to Classify Thorax Ailment with X-Ray Images of Chest 

Any ailments in the X-ray of thorax regions could be efficiently handled and classified by introducing the deep learning methods. 

A Model-dependent Deep Dehazing process with Deep Learning

The methods based on Deep Learning could be introduced into a typical dehazing process to achieve greater visual soundness. 

Yolo-dependent Practical Human Identification for Intelligent Video Monitoring 

Deep Learning could be utilized to identify humans in applications like directing physically disabled persons and assuring protection.

Segmenting the Retinal Lesions in Fundus Images by deploying the structure of the Auto Encoder-Decoder

The structure of the Auto Encoder-Decoder could be deployed to successfully make the early detection of lesions in the fundus image with deep learning. 

A Classical Integration of Deep Learning and Machine Learning methods to classify COVID-19

A proficient COVID-19 prevention system could be developed by achieving the integration of both ML and DL methods. 

DL-oriented Felis Cetus Classification operation by using Logistic Regression and CNN 

The breeds of animal ‘cat’ could be efficiently classified by the combined contribution of Logistic Regression and CNN. 

Transfer learning-powered entity identification with CNNs

An entity could be identified with ease if that system could be powered with the transfer learning concept and CNN. 

IoT and Deep Learning powered  Infection Controlling method for Augmented Screening and Face Mask Identification

IoT and Deep learning-powered infection system could be developed to prevent COVID-19 spread. 

A Deep Learning dependent Distributed Intelligent Monitoring Structure using Cloud and Edge Computing

A monitoring setup could be improved by using the deep learning concept with Cloud and Edge Computing.

Detection of currency by deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) Methodologies

Any fakeness in the currencies that we use in our day-to-day life could be identified easily with the proper deployment of deep learning-based AI.

Pic Quality Improvement for Wheat Rust affected Pics by deploying Histogram Equalization Approach

Proper investigation of the affected white rust plant could be made possible by making use of a deep learning-based Histogram equalization approach.

Classifying the Herpes Zoster with Improvised GoogleNet Prior trained Network 

Even the chronic skin ailments could be classified with the help of deep learning-based Google Net that was priorly trained. 

Image Processing-based Food Identification CNN

Automated billing could be ideally achieved by the successful identification of various food items served in a restaurant or mess set-up by using CNN. 

Small Entity Identification based on YOLOv3 towards successful recognition of Pedestrian 

YOLOv3-based small entity identification system could be developed by the proper deployment of deep learning techniques so that the recognition of pedestrians need not be compromised. 

Weed Detection with Image Processing and Deep Learning in the Plantation process of Vegetables 

A proper detection of weeds could be achieved by integrating the outcomes of image processing and deep learning in order to benefit the plantation process of vegetables. 

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Few Deep Learning Mini Projects to know 

Some of the Deep Learning Mini Projects have been listed to give a basic idea regarding how mini-projects dealing with deep learning will be.

What should I do to succeed in a Deep Learning project?

The following are the basic steps to succeed in any deep learning project. 

  • Define the Architecture

  • Draft the Model

  • Make the model fit

  • Analyze and forecast 

  • Implement the model 

Define the Architecture

Define the needed kind of architecture and related network is the foundation step. 

Draft the Model

Then, the drafting of the model is done by defining crucial elements in order to facilitate the next fitting operation. 

Make the model fit

Once you completed the above two steps, next, one needs to fit the drafted model into the dataset of interest for training it. Here, various inputs and outputs are decided. 

Analyze and forecast 

The practical suitability of your fitted model needs to be ensured so that it can efficiently perform when deployed. The model needs to be performing well with any kind of test data that was taken. 

Implement the model 

After completing all the above-mentioned four steps, it is then at the discretion of the implementing person, whether he or she needs to implement the built model by properly identifying the target audience. These implementations could be done by using many service providers, for instance, Amazon Web Services is one such service provider that aids in implementing the deep learning-based models.

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