7 Interesting IoT Based Projects

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This article list outs the IoT based projects for b.tech, diploma & m.tech engineering students & researchers. Now a days IoT has become a common platform to perform different operations technically. You need to understand that there are many ways of uploading data to server. For that you can use different components and different controllers too.

Let suppose you can use Arduino controller to upload data to server by interfacing GSM module to it. You can also use Node MCU to upload the same data to server and also Raspberry Pi processor to perform same task.

Hence the students are interested in IoT based projects because of this flexibility and adaptability.

IoT Based Projects

1.  IoT Based Biometric Attendance Using Arduino

Generally, people in Industries face difficulties in attendance taking and monitoring. There is no problem if the number is limited and the timing is same. 

 Sometimes, even in same industry people work in different timings and they are very large group. Hence biometric attendance will give easy maintenance with large group of people. To develop this system, you need to interface Fingerprint sensor to controller like Arduino, where four push buttons are for Register, Delete, Increment and Decrement. 

Initially you need to Register your finger by placing finger on fingerprint sensor, then Image will be taken, converted and stored in the memory. If you need to add another person’s finger, use Increment button to register corresponding Finger. After storing all the respective fingers, the system is now ready to match the fingers that are already stored. Every finger is registered with one unique number and the corresponding number will be uploaded to server 

2. Supervision on Food Quality Using IoT System

Everything in this contemporary world is going to be completely under monitoring and controlling. Moreover this is needed now a days with Evolution in Technology. 

Also the availability of Multiple sensors with multiple functions made this supervision easy in different fields, including Food industry. Let us take a room with Fruits, where you need to measure light Intensity in that room. This can be done by interfacing LDR sensor. Fruits in the room must be in certain temperature where the fruits will be preserved. To supervise the Room temperature, DHT11 temperature sensor is used.

Similarly, if black spots appear on fruits, then it can be supervise by using IR sensor and if Food in that room is spoiled, then harmful gas will be released. For that MQ3 gas sensor is used and all these sensor values will be uploaded to the server. This is how you can supervise food Quality using IoT where you get Sensor information in Thingspeak server.

3. Object Detection Using IoT & ML to Avoid Accident & Improve Road Safety

There is a tremendous growth in use of vehicles with increase in population which results in exponential growth of road accidents too. You can improve road safety with Object detection using IoT and Machine Learning to avoid accidents. 

From the last few years, the number of devices connecting among each other for communication is increased. So in this system, you can detect the object using camera and give alert to driver. As you are using Camera in this system, then Raspberry Pi processor is needed. 

For object detection, algorithms like SSID, YOLO are used. Then camera is able to detect the object as these algorithms are able to detect and recognize them. If any object like animal is detected, then Vehicle engine will automatically STOP. This is how you can detect Object and avoid accidents for improving road safety.

4. IoT Based Notice Board Using Scrolling Display

In many institutions, organizations, public places you find notices for different purposes. Majorly in Organizations like schools, colleges and public places like railway stations, bus stations and parks Notice boards are much needed for Announcements and giving notices. 

For all these announcements and notices people are using Scrolling Displays. To make this Scrolling Displays more user friendly in changing Display announcement immediately, this concept will be useful.

Let us take a class room, for which Time table is allotted. Using PHP server, you can give all data like Subject name, Subject faculty and timings according to Time table. So based on Time table, Faculty get messages and Display on Scrolling Display. 

5. IoT Based Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System

Growing of plants and maintaining in one place is known green house. The monitoring of plants continuously is a difficult task where you need to monitor the lights, temperature, humidity and moisture content for the plants. Each and every parameter is important to grow a plant especially in green houses which are maintained in small areas with small plants. Without knowing these parameters, one cannot maintain this green house. 

So many people failed because of not knowing how to maintain the green house.

By implementing this project, you can easily understand how the parameters in the area of green house will change. The main values you need to calculate here are Soil, temperature, Humidity and light intensity. Based on these values you can here control the lights, water pump, etc. the values can be seen from anywhere from the world by using IOT Technology. 

The sensors data will be automatically uploaded to cloud server and the corresponding loads will be controlled automatically. This is the most compatible device which can be applied anywhere.

6. IoT Instant Contactless Covid Testing Booth Automation

In recent years technology has been developed a lot in the field of IOT and in Wireless Sensor Networks. In recent days a new pandemic has been broke out by which people are frightened a lot for simple health issues also. 

The tests for this disease are increasing day to day and people for taking the tests also increasing. But this disease is spreading very fastly and even the test taking persons also getting ill as the disease will transmit by touching or by standing near to the person who are affected by this disease. So here the project is implemented by which you can take test without contact of the person who is taking the sample from you. This done by the integration of Embedded and PHP web server.

In this project a camera is mounted which scans the person Aadhar Card for the details and person will enter the ID for that person after the test completed the speaker will announce for the next person to come and take test. After that the results will be sent as SMS to the persons using Web Server.

7.IoT Based Organic Farming by Using Aquaponics Method

Aquaponics is one of the methods for food production. In this there should be enough water which has to be re-circulated continuously to grow the plants and to maintain some aquatic life by growing fishes in the tanks. As the technology is developing in the field of IOT, here you can apply this for the food production and for growing fishes within that reason. 

For this the project is implemented using Raspberry Pi which is a mini computer through which we can connect to IOT. The major parameters here we are analyzing are nature of the water, Level of the water, temperature and humidity in that area by using Respective sensors. 

The data is continuously updated to cloud server which can be monitored by the persons who are maintaining the field or that tank. This can be done in houses also by growing small plants.


Here 7 Interesting IoT based projects are added as basic Information to you. To develop projects on IoT, these are some Interesting topics. If you observe this article, you can find multiple areas like Agriculture, Social distance, Covid Pandemic, Environment, Road safety. So IoT is applicable in all possible areas and hence it is an Emerging domain always.

You can study about IoT from Multiple Platforms, but to get Practical knowledge you need to work along with developers and you need to be in Development, where this is possible in Takeoff.

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