9 Raspberry Pi Final Year Projects

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This article list outs the raspberry Pi final year projects for b.tech, diploma & m.tech engineering students & researchers. There is a large scope in using many controllers like Arduino, 8051, ARM and so on. But there are some limitations in these controllers in terms of Memory, available ports and interfacing Modules. So people are habituating to use Raspberry Pi processor as a substitute. If you are focused on real problem solving, then you go for it even it is costly. 

AS Raspberry Pi is Linux based system, you need to install some packages and libraries for programming and programming functions. You click on Terminal to install such kind of Library packages, where APTcommand is used to install packages. If you are unable to install using APT command, then you can use PIP(Python Package Index) command.

Raspberry Pi Final Year Projects

1. Driver Drowsiness Detection

Everyone knows that road accidents are increasing every day in different places due to many reasons. Many people losing their lives and leaving their families alone. 

One of the main reasons for accidents is Driving the vehicle in drowsiness. So if you build a system which alerts the driver when he is in drowsy, then it definitely reduces road accidents to some extent. To develop such system you need Camera to detect drowsiness of driver and Camera should be attached to Raspberry Pi processor.

To detect the drowsiness of driver, some numerical operations are performed by Python using numpy library like Eye Aspect Ratio, Lip distance. The driver face will be detected by using Haar cascade detector and shape of eyes and lips will be predicted by Shape predictor. If these shape predictor values are out of Threshold range, then Buzzer will turn on to Alert the Driver

2. Vehicle Number Plate Recognition

There are many researches going on form past few years on transportation facilities and automation. One such small element in that research is Automatic Vehicle Number plate Recognition. This recognition is possible through Opencv library which you can install on Raspberry Pi. 

The major task in Number Plate Recognition is Image to String conversion. In earlier systems, image of vehicle number plate is taken, but in this system you can observe Image to String which is group of Characters.

So you can call it as Vehicle Number Plate Recognition by using Optical Character Recognition. If you convert Image to characters. Then you can print Characters, you can upload Characters to server also. Hence this conversion become key factor in Vehicle Number Plate Recognition. 

3. Self Driving Autonomous Cars

A vehicle which has ability to sense its Environment and able to operate on its own is Self Driving Vehicle. The actual sense of it is to operate without any human intervention, which means it goes anywhere and does everything like a human driven car. 

The hope for developing these Autonomous cars is to reduce accidents that are occurring with driver faults. As you know, again if you are going deep into the technology, a question arises on security.

But for our discussion, you can develop a robot as a car and if you attach Camera to this system through Raspberry Pi and transmitting data to the Arduino, then Robot will move accordingly. The traffic signs can be identified by camera which is attached to Raspberry Pi and this data from Raspberry Pi sent to Arduino. Based on the Input to Arduino, the car will move forward, backward, left and right.

4. Third Eye for Blind

Comfort and safety is becoming major in the present society. So people are looking to use this overgrowing High Technology for their Comfort and it is needed in this contemporary world. But physically challenged people lives are difficult to even live on their own. 

To bring confidence and familiar environment to them, this Third eye for blind definitely assist to some extent. This is a device which is designed for visually challenged people to act as guide to them.

This device consists of Raspberry Pi processor, Ultrasonic sensor, GPS and GSM. As Ultrasonic sensor is used for measuring distance, it is used for Obstacle detection. If there is an obstacle, you can hear voice commands through Headphone and in Emergency, if user press switch then GPS location will be sent to dear ones mobile number.

5. Advanced Traffic Violation Control and Penalty System with Web Server

Now a days traffic rules violation is happening everywhere in the countries. It is not possible for the traffic polices to monitor everyone. So, there is a need of monitoring and updating the vehicle details which are violating traffic rules automatically. Here you can implement that automatic system by integrating Embedded System with PHP Web server. In this project RFID Technology is used to detect the vehicle number details. 

In this project the traffic lights will ON and OFF automatically in all directions. If any vehicle crosses the signal when the Signal is in Red. Then the Tag which contains the vehicle details will be read by the nearby RFID reader and the vehicle details is updated to PHP server automatically. 

This PHP server is controlled by RTO officer from where the officials can know and can write the Fines for the people who violated the rules.

6. Speech Assistive Device for Visually Impaired People

Technology has been improved a lot and become more flexible, safe and adaptable for the people. By using this technology here you can do a speech assistance device for blind people who cannot see the world outside. This project is to help those type of people to walk on roads or in any indoor places safely and freely. 

This system uses ultrasonic sensors to know the obstacles in which direction they are. Here the ultrasonic sensors are arranged in three directions. The obstacle direction will be given through a speaker module. The ultrasonic sensors measure the distance between the obstacles. 

Based on the obstacles distance the direction is given through speaker. By this you can eliminate the difficulties faced by the Blind people.

7. Smart Door Camera with Facial Recognition and Thermal Screening

A pandemic emerged in the world which kills a lot of people and makes a lot of people homeless. Because of this pandemic wearing mask becomes mandatory and checking of temperature is also become compulsory for every person. Here in this project the implementation is done for homes. Here the concept used is Open CV with which we can identify faces. 

This project is implemented for monitoring of people whether they are known or unknown. If the people are known people, then temperature need be check if the temperature is more than the threshold then an alert will be given so that the near people can alert and takes necessary precautions. 

8. High Protection Bank Locker Security System

As there is a need of security for bank locker here you can implement a project which uses the bio-metric and voice recognition technologies as the key tools. The voice recognition and bio-metric concepts become more frequent and is safest modern technology now a days. The project uses Raspberry pi as the main processor for this purpose.

Here you can open the bank locker in two ways one is by using Fingerprint Authentication or with voice authentication. Here voice authentication means the locker handling person will be given a secret keyword which has to be tell at the time of opening the locker. The fingerprints will be stored in the database. Voice Authentication will be taken Using NodeMCU. 

The Signal is sent to Raspberry Pi if the keyword is correct then the Locker will open. The same process is for fingerprint verification also. By this the Locker will be in safe zone. The adaption of project is easy as this can be easily understand by common people also.

9. Raspberry Pi Based Ventilator & Health Monitoring Device

As the world growing fastly, technology also increasing in a rapid way. For monitoring of the patients, the IOT technology is using in a wide manner. Here the project is implemented in way where the patient can have ventilator controlling in an easy manner and it will be portable mechanism.

The project uses Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU as the main Components. The health parameters like Pulse rate, heart rate, temperature of the patient will be monitor and the values getting from those sensors are updated to Cloud server i.e., Thingspeak which is an IOT Platform where you can store the data of the patient’s health parameters. 

When the patient requires Ventilator then the ventilator will automatically pump the oxygen. Here the setup is shown using a Servo Motor and a BVM Bag. By this the patient can get required oxygen when he requires. The data can be seen wirelessly by the doctor as well as family members from anywhere by using the Thingspeak IOT Platform.


Here in this article raspberry Pi final year projects are presented and in most of the cases reason for using Raspberry Pi is to Interface Camera. For many applications like Face recognition, Face mask detection, Drowsiness detection, Number plate Recognition, Lane detection etc. you need Camera. The major factor in utilizing camera in Multiple Domains is Effective utilization of Library packages.

Let say for example, opencv library for Camera, urllib library for fetching URLs, smtplib library for sending email, pytesseract library for text detection and so on.

Final year projects