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In this article, a brief of basics of Android and necessities of android mini projects are initially discussed. Then, android mini project topics are listed and a few android mini project ideas are briefed for you. Finally, basics of android studio mini project given and its project titles are presented. 

What is an Android?

Android is nothing but a Linux-based open-sourced Operating System (OS) designed primarily for tablet and mobile phones. It was first built by Google in collaboration with Open Handset Alliance and several other tech firms. It imparts a combined methodology for developing several utility applications for making the mobile phones a medium to host and execute various functions. Once the developers build the android-based applications, it possesses the capability to operate any kind of android powered devices. 

Why do you require these Android-based Mini Projects?

As we live in the era of intelligent devices, the smart phone has become indispensable part of everyone’s lives. Thus, iOS and Android-based application development became a necessity for many business operatives. Though many operating systems exit along with iOS, android is preferred all over the world because of its easy User Interface and usage. Thus, android-based projects became the go-to tool preferred by many business operatives to improvise their business. 

Not just from the business perspective, android has the potential to serve many sectors like IT, construction, manufacturing sector, healthcare, etc. 

Some of the reasons that many android mini project ideas are preferred are as follows:   

  • Easy Personalization- As android gives easier personalizing and flexible features, it is the first in choice platform for building many applications. 

  • Global Reach- With more than 82 billion of android-based applications, android occupies the global market with majority. 

  • Raised sales performance- As the android applications has the provision of downloading from any channels including the google play store, it gives opportunities for many business operatives to host many business-related promotions, using they can generate huge revenue outputs.  

  • Increased Security- Every android comes with the in-built security facilities that tend to protect both the users and firms as the online-based attacks can’t be stopped that easily. 

Top 5 Android Mini Project Topics

Handpicked top 5 android mini project ideas have been given below. 

Panic Control 

Many women tend to face emergency situations in which they need to act immediately in order to tackle and safeguard them. Thus, an android-based application with the Geo fence functionality to track and report the location of the registered users for every 300 meters that they mobilize. 

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

College Notification Voice Alerts 

Many college administrators and students pursuing their education might always require to communicate with each other for various reasons. Those communications could be made more user friendly by integrating the Android OS and popular communication modes like Voice notifications, texting with SMS, Emails, etc. 

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

Android Based Vehicle Mechanic System

As the chances of mechanical breakdowns of a vehicle during travel are higher, android-based application showing the location and contact details of several nearby mechanics could be designed in order to avoid any inconveniences caused during the travel. 

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

Course Recommendation System

As several courses are offered by the numerous of educational institutions spanned around the nation, the process of selecting a course based on qualification and eligibility might become tedious at times. Thus, an android-based application could be built for recommending the courses on the basis of the details like academic qualification of registered students, rates of already interested students in any particular course, etc. to facilitate the registered students to join in the courses of their interest from any time and from any place.

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

Home services 

In day-to-day domestic house routines, the requirement of services like electrical repairs, plumbing, maintenance of various gadgets, etc. are ever increasing. Thus, an application operating via the android platform could be built, which is able to facilitate the communication between the users and diverse service providers to save time and efforts. 

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

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List of Android Mini Project Topics

In addition to the above 5 projects, more android mini project ideas have been listed below.

What is android studio project?

Android Studio gives a combined environment using which one could construct applications for using in any android-based devices like mobile phones, Android powered wearable devices, Android TV, tablets, Android Auto, etc. 

How do you proceed with android studio mini project?

The steps for executing the android studio mini project are given below.

  • First, one needs to generate a new project. 

  • Then, the user needs to choose an option for building their projects, for instance, login-based project. 

  • Appropriate virtual device needs to be chosen by accessing the AVD manager, using which suitable devices could be chosen and utilized. 

  • Remaining steps will be application perspective; thus, it will vary from one project to another project. For instance, for a login-based project, the developer needs to determine the needed classes corresponding to the requirement. 

Top 5 Android Studio Mini Project Ideas

A few of Android Studio Mini Project ideas have been handpicked and briefed for you below.

E-diagnostic Lab Online Reporting Mobile App

Spread of several diseases always urges people to periodically test, diagnose, and treat the contracted diseases. Thus, an online mode android OS-based application could be built to facilitate the testing and diagnosis in online mode so that hospital visit could be avoided by referring to the easily downloadable test reports. 

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

Speak4diet: A Mobile App for Monitoring Dietary Composition

Many people became health conscious now a days because of ever increasing spread of diseases. In order to help them be a little more conscious about every person’s health, an android OS-based application program could be built as a diet monitoring system by integrating the benefits imparted by approaches like Texting mining, Natural Language Processing, and voice processing, etc. 

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

Google Captcha Implementation in Mobile Apps 

Now a days, security breach is bound to happen to anyone in any means. So, android-based platforms can’t be an exception for it.  By making use of Safety Net Application Programming Interface (API), we can build considerable safety system enabled with Google’s Captcha to restrict diverse security issues in the apps running on android. 

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

Face Detection Using Mobile Vision 

As the face identification systems have gained much attention in the recent times, the attempts to improvise those identification system never ends. As an attempt, the camera app in the typical android powered phone can be used to identify the facial features and landmarks by containing a personalized and activity view. 

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

Online Mobile Quiz App

A simple General Knowledge-based quiz generating online application running on android OS might be designed in order to serve both the students and general public depending upon on their interest levels. This app will help to raise the understanding level of both the students and the general public in every possible way.

Have a look at the full project by clicking here 

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List of Android Studio Mini Project Ideas

In addition to the above 5 projects, more Android Studio-based Mini Projects have been listed below.


In this piece of article written above, the basics of android-based mini projects along with the android mini project ideas have been discussed at first. Finally, the android studio-based projects have been briefed along with its project ideas in order to help students doing projects in the similar arena. Briefing of 5 projects ideas have been done for general android-based mini projects and specific android studio-based mini projects. 

How the Android Mini Projects are supported by Takeoff Projects?

At Takeoff Projects, they not only support for the android studio based projects, but also support various other building android application building tools. Even if the student or academician opting for the project doesn’t have a basic idea of what they have to proceed in their mini projects, they are guided from the scratch till the very end of android application development. In addition, they also support multiple platform-based mini projects indulging android OS in any means for serving various applications without any constraints.

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