Restaurant Table Booking In Smart Phone

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Restaurant table booking in smart phone


Today’s mobile generation has versatile needs and demands and the digital world must meet them in order to satisfy and win the hearts of their customer base. With all of us going digital way and there being online platforms ruling in every arena, it is not uncommon to have Online restaurant & table booking platforms. They perfectly meet the changing and growing demand of people across the globe and hence there are more and more firms joining this bandwagon. restaurant table booking system that can be efficiently embedded on any given mobile app. The reservation system is further helpful in customizing the booking process, in enabling people to book a table through your app, in managing restaurant availability, and reservations Depending on the venue’s location, staff, and traffic, one can choose the best online restaurant booking system for their restaurant.

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Learning Outcomes

·         About Android Studio.

·         Knowledge on java.

·         Hands on experience using volley libraries.

·         Knowledge on Fragments.

·         About manifest.

·         Knowledge on dependencies.

·         Knowledge on griddle builds.

·         About uses and permissions.

·         Gist on Edit texts.

·         Knowledge on Relative layout.

·         Knowledge on Linear layout.

·         Gist on image views.

·         Knowledge on Libraries.

·         Gist on Resource layout.

·         Knowledge on Activities.

·         Hands on experience on Layouts.

·         Knowledge on Adapters.

·         Gist on Different types of Buttons.

·         Knowledge on XML code.

·         Hands on experience on how to send notifications.

·         About Views.

·         Knowledge on JSON objects.

·         Knowledge on Intents.

·         Gist on put extra params to pass the values.

·         Hands on experience on PHP.

·         About SQL.

·         About Database.

·         Knowledge on data base tables.

·         Gist on How to store data in database.

·         Hands on experience on how to get the restaurants

·         Knowledge on how to view the orders.

·         Project Development Skills:

o   Problem analysing skills.

o   Problem solving skills.

o   Creativity and imaginary skills.

o   Programming skills.

o   Deployment.

o   Testing skills.

o   Debugging skills.

o   Project presentation skills.

o   Thesis writing skills.


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