Mobile App Finding Lost Debit Card Security Based

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Mobile App Finding Lost Debit Card Security Based


Authentication require two or more factors, the factors must be validated by the other party for validation to occur. In debit cards authentication mechanisms which can be easily cracked using different mechanisms. According to US attorney report at least 7,000 fake identities are used to obtain more than 25,000 credit cards and documented $200 million in losses, but the figure could rise. The present authentication mechanisms use mechanism where we enter our PIN in pos (point of sale) devices where it is vulnerable in case if we have any skimmer devices installed in any one of the component. Sometimes we have to enter OTP (one time password) in card reader, but it’s vulnerable in case of lost or theft of both mobile and card together. In proposed method, GSM mobile service is used provide the security. Finding Lost Debit Card Security Based Mobile App When the Debit card is used, Server will request user to enter a password in his/her mobile phone. If the password valid, Server precedes the transaction, if not so, denies it.

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