Face Detection Using Mobile Vision

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Face Detection Using Mobile Vision


 Face detection is an advances machine learning technology being used in a variety of applications that identifies human faces in digital images.  Face detection also refers to the psychological process by which humans locate and attend to faces in a visual scene.

Face Detection is a leap forward from the previous Android Face Detector. Face API. It's designed to better detect human faces in images and video for easier editing. It's smart enough to detect faces even at different orientations so if your subject's head is turned sideways, it can detect it. Specific landmarks can also be detected on faces, such as the eyes, the nose, and the edges of the lips.

The final app will draw an overlay on the camera image, which will highlight the detected faces. Basically the application only consists of an Activity and a custom view. The functions for calculating the correct display orientation have been taken from Androids original Camera App.

We will make an app which will allow you to detect multiple faces in the camera and at the same time make the prediction about the detected faces. Currently, Mobile Vision API only provide detection of faces. This implementation requires the use of Google Mobile Vision API which is included in your play services library.

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