Phone Theft Security With Gps Tracking

Project Code :TCMAAN125


Phone theft security with GPS tracking


Availability of many devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, net books, wristwatches, TVs, etc. that can utilize various sensors like accelerometers, temperature gauges, GPS receivers, gyroscopes, etc. and the availability of wireless Internet have made localization easier and more effective. Since smart handhelds have a variety of sensors like accelerometer, compass, gyroscopes etc., it is possible to make tracking systems not only location aware, but also context aware. Location is a part of context but the context also encompasses conditions like, if the user is moving, if he is taking turns etc. Anti Theft Mobile Security is an application which will notify you when you trigger it. This application has registration module where user can register them self using their name, phone no, email id, and password. And you will get access to web application as well as app access.          If one fine day your phone gets lost then you will have to login into web application and trigger the lost phone button. And then app will identify the location using GPS latitude and longitude  and then will send the GPS co-ordinated to the web application using which user can track the phone. And this using web application user can track down the thief. And it also allows user to view the location. And this using application user can track down the thief.

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