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Journal paper Writing is the art of preparing any type of manuscript by keeping a specific journal in mind even before starting the writing. This is what we call “target journals”, wherein the author prepares every stage of the manuscript by keeping in mind that specific targetted journal. This article will be discussing the things which you need to know about writing these journal papers. Even if a person opts for any journal paper writing service, that person needs some basic in selecting the right service that suits their needs.

What is a journal?

A Journal is a publication published across the scholarly world. It is published either in online or offline modes by professors, renowned science experts, and diverse domain belonging professionals. The purpose of the existence of these journals is to serve the technical requirements of various research and development enthusiasts in diverse disciplines. 

Why do we need journals to publish our work?

When talking about journal publishing, one can’t rule out the peer review process that a Journal article passes on when the author(s) attempts to publish in esteemed journals. This peer review process has become indispensable due to the fact that it helps the authors to improvise the current version of their manuscript or even their phase of work sometimes with comprehensive feedback. Thus, when we attempt to publish any kind of article in a journal, it majorly aids us in the revision of it if needed and it will further aid future researchers who are concentrating on the development in the same subject or topic or domain. 

Identifying the target Journal for publication

This is the first and foremost step in writing your Journal Paper. Even before beginning with the writing of your paper, it is important to choose the target journal and then proceed to the development of various stages of your paper. This in turn helps the author(s) to increase the chances of the acceptance rate of their submitted paper. After identifying the target journal, it is necessary to ensure the scope of the publishing house or journal and refer to the recently published articles in that target journal so that your article can be a replica of what the editors or reviewers of that journal expect. 

Popular journals to know for publishing your Paper

It is important to know the popular journals in the scholarly world while selecting the target journal and preparing the manuscript based on the requirements of that selected journal. Thus, we list the popular journals in the below sub-sections. 


Springer is a top worldly technical, scientific, and medicare repository of journals. With their enormously vast journal network and vast services & products, Springer is able to serve academicians as well as researchers around the globe. They hose over 30 lakhs of books and around 3 thousand journal series. Some of the journal titles of Springer are given below.

  • Psychology

  • Statistics

  • Pharmacy

  • Earth Sciences

  • Biomedicine

  • Engineering

  • Social Sciences

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science

  • Education

  • Geography

  • Environment

  • Philosophy

  • Law

  • Mathematics

  • Life Sciences

  • Political Science and International Relations

  • Literature

  • Medicine & Public Health

  • Materials Science

  • History

  • Business and Management

  • Economics

  • Physics


Elsevier is a worldly data analytical business, which aids various personnel and organizations irrespective of their profession. Especially, it serves the professionals of medical care to the core. Elsevier contains the following evocative reference works and journals like Gray's Anatomy and The Lancet, respectively. Some of the journal titles of Elsevier are given below.

  • Life Sciences

  • Health

  • Social sciences & humanities

  • Physical sciences & engineering


Nature is a journal publication house that publishes various disciplined original research as well as miscellaneous papers on a weekly basis. There are parameters that these natural journals consider while the peer-review operation of every manuscript submission made to the journal. It’s not just a publication house, but it also gives quick, dominant, useful, and attention grasping interpretation and news of several trendy and futuristic topics. Some of the parameters are given below. 

  • Originality

  • Timeliness

  • Elegance

  • Passion for interdisciplinary applications

  • Importance

  • Accessibility

  • Astronishing conclusive pieces of evidence

Some of the topics of Nature are given below.

  • Experimental & Molecular Medicine

  • Communications Engineering

  • Laboratory Investigation

  • Bone Research

Taylor and Francis

Taylor and Francis is yet another worldly publication giant that houses more than 2,700 titles of journals. Some of the well-known journals under this publication house are listed below. 

  • Humanities journal

  • Social Science journal


SAGE is a worldly education purpose publishing house that consists of journals, a series of library services and products along with plenty of journal titles. SAGE is well-known for its dedication imparted to the field of Social Sciences through its Little Green Book. They encourage the deployment of data investigation, critical thinking, and several estimating tools in the research titles published by them. 

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IEEE Xplore

The digitalized atheneum called “IEEE Xplore” is a strong base source administered by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) itself along with its publishing collaborators. It contains a pool of technically as well as scientically aiding contents. It majorly deals with the topics revolving around the popular sectors that include:

  • Electronics Engineering

  • Computer Science Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

It houses over 5 million tech and scientific contents totally that consists of the following:

  • Over 260 journals

  • Over 12 thousand of technical benchmarks

  • Over 6 thousand of books

  • Over 4 million conference manuscripts

  • Over 25 thousands of tech contents get included in it in a monthly basis. 

What are the types of Journal Papers?

  • Original Research Paper

  • Short reports or Letters

  • Review Paper 

  • Methodologies or Methods

  • Case Studies

In this article, we will discuss in detail only the original research paper and review paper in the below sections from the context of journal paper writing

Steps in Writing an Original Research Paper 

For efficient Research Paper Writing, you need to know the common steps for writing such a good research paper, which are as follows: 

  • Comprehend the Research Paper Task well before beginning with it

  • Select an interactive genre for the Paper which going to write after Research 

  • Begin exploring online as well as offline for Reliable References

  • Generate an Apt Problem Statement

  • Generate a draft schema outlining the entire Research 

  • Write your rough copy and complete your Paper

  • Write the Bibliography for all your references after proper citation of all References

Steps in Writing a Review Paper 

The one who is writing a review paper have to follow the following steps in order to make it effective:

  • Choose an appropriate research arena depending upon your field and define the comprehensive objectives after figuring out the hypothesis for your research.

  • The research process design needs to be figured out depending upon the already defined  objectives, using which appropriate protocol or method for surveying a research manuscript is framed.

  • Extensive understanding and investigation of diverse previously published manuscripts aid future researchers to recognize the appropriate and related information/ outcomes in writing an original research manuscript.

  • The rate of investigation that the reviewing author uses differs from one field of application to another. Thus, choose a reviewing model that suits your field. 

  • Summarizing and drawing insightful suggestions by surveying the already published original research works is done with the help of any representation like a chart, graph, figures, tables, etc. Here, many limitations and prospects for future works need to be comprehensively shown to the futuristic authors.

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What are the most common standards of Publishing?

Though many standards are available in journal paper writing when we think about the publishing of research as well as any miscellaneous manuscripts, only two of the standard of publishing is common in the scholarly world. Those two standards are:

  • Scopus

  • Science Citation Index (SCI)


Scopus is the biggest academic and citation repository of peer-reviewed science concepts-based journals, pieces of literature, conference proceedings, and vast quantum books. Scopus is more lenient than the SCI in terms of peer-review standards adopted for the submitted manuscripts. However, it comprises several intelligent tools to track, investigate, and envisage research. It covers various fields that include:

  • Technology

  • Social Sciences

  • Science

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Medical Care


Science Citation Index or simply regarded as “SCI” is a publishing medium administered by ISI- Institute of Scientific Information. It got established in the year of 1964 and it has evolved itself as SCIE, meaning Science Citation Index Expanded. It features more than 9 thousand globe’s best impact-creating journals and it covers more than 150 fields across the science discipline. It seems to include various fields like arts and humanities along with social science, for which the ISI uses different publishing standards for indexing the respective disciplined manuscripts. Over 1.18 billion references have been cited since the 20th century. 

Ever since the initiation of another publication indexing standard known as ESCI-Emerging Sources Citation Index, ISI has included more than 7 thousand topics by including the diverse broad scope and global publications. 

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