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1 TEMBMA2978 Facial and Voice Recognition Based security and Safety System in Car
2 TMMAIN21 Vehicle Detection Using MATLAB
3 TMMAIN20 Traffic Monitoring Management System Using Deep Learning
4 TMMAIN19 Text Recognition for Speed Controlling in Vehicle
5 TMMAIN18 Real Time Monitoring of Muscle Fatigue & Muscle Disorder Of Biceps Bra...
6 TMMAIN17 LiFi Communication of Text Audio And Image
7 TMMAIN16 Fruit Grading Using CNN
8 TMMAIN15 Face Recognition Based Voting System
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Image processing is an exciting field that involves transforming images into digital form and then performing various operations to enhance or extract meaningful information from them. It's a vast area that covers diverse applications like computer vision, pattern recognition, computer graphics, and more. As a student, you have a fantastic opportunity to explore and experiment with cutting-edge technologies and create innovative image processing project ideas that can make a real impact.

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