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1 TEMBMA3503 Arduino based Thermoelectric Energy Generator
2 TEMBMA2996 Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Weather Monitoring


3 TEMBMA3333 Solar Power Monitoring Using IoT
4 TEMBMA2601 Solar Powered Automated Multi-Tasking Agricultural Robot

Robotics|Arduino|PIC16F77A|ARM7|Arduino|Raspberry pi

5 TEMBMA2685 Design of Piezoelectricity Harvester using Footwear


6 TEMBMA2712 Junction Street Light System Automatic Control Using Renewable Energy ...


7 TEMBMA3097 Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Weather Sensor
8 TEMBMA3113 IOT Based Dual Axis Solar Tracking with Power Monitoring
9 TEMBMA3139 An Efficient Smart Irrigation System for Solar System by using PIC & G...
10 TEMBMA2151 Automatic Rotation Of Solar Panel Using NodeMCU

NodeMCU|Embedded applications

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The world is facing an energy crisis, and the demand for renewable energy sources is growing rapidly. As a student, participating in renewable energy projects is a great way to contribute to the sustainability of our planet and gain valuable hands-on experience. That's why we've put together a list of exciting renewable energy projects for students to explore and develop their skills.

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