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Power systems Major projects
Sl.No Project Code Microgrids Projects Action
1 TEMAPS80 Wind-hydro Microgrid And Its Control For Rural Energy System View Details
2 TEMAPS26 Development Of Wind And Solar Based Ac Microgrid With Power Quality Improvement For Local Nonlinear Load Using Mlms View Details
3 TEMAPS119 Distributed Power Management For Networked Ac/dc Microgrids With Unbalanced Microgrids View Details
4 TEMAPS124 Power Quality Control Of Smart Hybrid Ac/dc Microgrids: An Overview View Details
5 TEMAPS135 Development and validation of a generalized modeling approach for islanded inverter-based microgrids with static and dynamic loads View Details
6 TEMAPS56 Comprehensive Controller Implementation For Wind-pv-diesel Based Standalone Microgrid View Details
7 TEMAPS112 A Novel Virtual Resistor And Capacitor Droop Control For Hess In Medium Voltage Dc System View Details
8 TEMAPS121 Finite-gain Repetitive Controller For Harmonic Sharing Improvement In A Vsm Microgrid View Details
9 TEMAPS125 Stability Analysis And Robust Damping Of Multi-resonances In Distributed Generation Based Islanded Microgrids View Details
10 TEMAPS137 A control approach with seamless transition capability for a single-phase inverter operating in a microgrid View Details
11 TEMAPS59 Coordination Control Strategy For Battery-ultracapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System In Microgrids With Unbalanced And Nonlinear Loads View Details
12 TEMAPS114 A Cooperative Adaptive Droop Based Energy Management & Optimal Voltage Regulation Scheme For Dc Microgrids View Details
13 TEMAPS122 Dual Operation Mode Of A Transformer Less H-bridge Inverter In Low-voltage Microgrid View Details
14 TEMAPS133 A Robust Adaptive PI Voltage Controller to Eliminate Impact of Disturbances and Distorted Model Parameters for 3-Phase CVCF Inverters View Details
15 TEMAPS142 Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Command-Filtered Backstepping Control for Islanded PV Microgrid with Energy Storage System View Details
16 TEMAPS64 Fault Current Hierarchical Limitation Strategy For Fault Ride-through Scheme Of Microgrid View Details
17 TEMAPS116 A Modified Q??v Droop Control For Accurate Reactive Power Sharing In Distributed Generation Microgrid View Details
18 TEMAPS123 Accurate Power Sharing And Synthetic Inertia Control For Dc Building Microgrids With Guaranteed Performance View Details
19 TEMAPS134 Decentralized Droop Control in DC Microgrids Based on a Frequency Injection Approach View Details
20 TEMAPS145 An improved passivity-based control strategy for providing an accurate coordination in a AC/DC hybrid microgrid View Details

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