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Android Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Android Application Projects Action
1 TCMAAN22 College Notification Voice Alerts View Details
2 TCMAAN137 Android Fruit Detection Using Tensor Flow For Blind People View Details
3 TCMAAN141 Course Recommendation System View Details
4 TCMAAN25 Diet Adviser For Stay Fit View Details
5 TCMAAN16 Anti Ragging View Details
6 TCMAAN26 Digital Vehicle License, Insurance And Rc Book Verification View Details
7 TCMAAN27 E-campus Recruitment System View Details
8 TCMAAN140 Controlling Anti Ragging System Using Android App View Details
9 TCMAAN06 Android Voice Assistant For Visually Impaired View Details
10 TCMAAN14 Android Spending Analyzer For Households View Details
11 TCMAAN28 E-judgment View Details
12 TCMAAN38 Intelligent Job Tracker Android App View Details
13 TCMAAN51 Mobile Application For Student Career Guidance View Details
14 TCMAAN65 Op App For Hospital Management View Details
15 TCMAAN70 School Bus Tracking System Using Gps View Details
16 TCMAAN78 Speakjust Voice Based Control In Examination View Details
17 TCMAAN86 Androhealth: Patient Health Record System View Details
18 TCMAAN90 Android Smart City Traveler View Details
19 TCMAAN97 E Hall Ticket Generation Using Qr App View Details
20 TCMAAN105 Engineers Choice Construction And Planner View Details
21 TCMAAN109 Event Management App View Details
22 TCMAAN113 Identify Face Expression Changer Using Tensor Flow View Details
23 TCMAAN117 Medical Search Engine View Details
24 TCMAAN121 Online College Products Selling And Buying View Details
25 TCMAAN125 Phone Theft Security With Gps Tracking View Details
26 TCMAAN129 Restaurant Recommendation System Using Supervised Learning View Details
27 TCMAAN133 Smart Invitation View Details
28 TCMAAN147 Sentiment Analysis Of Top Colleges Using Twitter Data View Details
29 TCMAAN08 Android Based Malware Detection And Prevention View Details
30 TCMAAN15 Android Video Encryption And Sharing View Details
31 TCMAAN29 Employee Payroll With Gps And Image View Details
32 TCMAAN42 Library Book Locator View Details
33 TCMAAN55 My City View Details
34 TCMAAN66 Pick And Drop Bike Ride View Details
35 TCMAAN71 Smart Alarm Puzzle View Details
36 TCMAAN83 Vehicle Service Android Application View Details
37 TCMAAN87 Android File Finder And Sorter In Cloud Data Base View Details
38 TCMAAN91 Chit Chat App View Details
39 TCMAAN99 Pedometer For Calorie Calculating And Provide Suggestions View Details
40 TCMAAN106 Examination Hall Seating Arrangement System View Details
41 TCMAAN110 Geo Fencing App For Tracking Students View Details
42 TCMAAN114 Imade Diagno: Self Diagnosis System For Disease Treatment View Details
43 TCMAAN118 Mobile App For Water Complaint System For Municipal Corporation View Details
44 TCMAAN122 Online Mobile Quiz App View Details
45 TCMAAN126 Real-time Crop Health Assistance To Farmers View Details
46 TCMAAN130 Secure Payment Model For E-commerce View Details
47 TCMAAN134 Voice Alerting The Accident Zones By Using Google Maps View Details
48 TCMAAN138 Child Monitoring System Using Android App View Details
49 TCMAAN142 Augmented Reality Using Qr Code Scanner View Details
50 TCMAAN01 Android Assignment Helper For College Students View Details
51 TCMAAN12 Android Notes With Fingerprint Authentication For Personal Use View Details
52 TCMAAN33 No Food Waste Food Wastage Reduction App View Details
53 TCMAAN43 Location Based Garbage Management System For Smart City View Details
54 TCMAAN62 Online Toll Payment Using Gps View Details
55 TCMAAN67 Private Chat Box Message Encryption Technology View Details
56 TCMAAN72 Smart Alarm System View Details
57 TCMAAN84 Vehicle Tracking For Government Buss View Details
58 TCMAAN88 Android Prescription Viewer Application Using Ocr View Details
59 TCMAAN92 Connecting Student Volunteers To Gov Programs & Schemes View Details
60 TCMAAN100 Ecrime Identification Using Photo Matching App View Details
61 TCMAAN107 Esticky : Sticky Note Pad System Using Notifications Manager View Details
62 TCMAAN111 Helo App View Details
63 TCMAAN115 Inventory Management System For E-shopping View Details
64 TCMAAN119 Mobile Ebanking Project App To Manage Account View Details
65 TCMAAN123 Online Smart Health Consulter For Patients View Details
66 TCMAAN127 Rescue Wings: Active Services Support For Disaster View Details
67 TCMAAN131 Self Photo Gallery Android App View Details
68 TCMAAN135 Weather Prediction Application In Agriculture Sector View Details
69 TCMAAN139 Content-oriented User Modeling For Personalized Response Ranking In Chat Bots View Details
70 TCMAAN145 Student Profile Management System Using Qr Code View Details
71 TCMAAN05 Android Habit Tracker View Details
72 TCMAAN13 Android Random Exam Paper Generator View Details
73 TCMAAN21 Class Room Scheduling For A Smart Class View Details
74 TCMAAN34 Google Captcha Implementation In Mobile Apps View Details
75 TCMAAN50 Mobile App Finding Lost Debit Card Security Based View Details
76 TCMAAN63 Onscreen Marking Answer Sheet Evaluation View Details
77 TCMAAN69 Restaurant Table Booking In Smart Phone View Details
78 TCMAAN73 Speak4diet: A Mobile App For Monitoring Dietary Composition View Details
79 TCMAAN85 Women Safety Android App View Details
80 TCMAAN89 Android Smart Business View Details
81 TCMAAN93 Detection And Predicting Air Pollution Level In A Specific City Using Machine Learning Models View Details
82 TCMAAN104 E-diagnostic Lab Online Reporting Mobile App View Details
83 TCMAAN108 E-vanitha Pg Finder Using Google Maps View Details
84 TCMAAN112 Ibus : Mobile App For Bus Timing Report View Details
85 TCMAAN116 Android Crime Reporter And Missing Person Finder View Details
86 TCMAAN120 Online Book Recommendation System Using Collaborative Filtering View Details
87 TCMAAN124 Packers & Movers Application View Details
88 TCMAAN128 Residential Management System On Ui Design App View Details
89 TCMAAN132 Sentiment Based Movie Rating System View Details
90 TCMAAN136 Android Railway Ticket Booking System Using Qr Codes For Citizens View Details
91 TCMAAN146 E-commerce Sales Prediction Using Listing Keywords View Details

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