Underwater Image Enhancement with a Deep Residual Framework

Project Code :TMMAAI31


This paper proposes an underwater image enhancement solution through a deep residual framework. First, the cycle-consistent adversarial networks (CycleGAN) is employed to generate synthetic underwater images as training data for convolution neural network models. Second, the very-deep super-resolution reconstruction model (VDSR) is introduced to underwater resolution applications; with it, the Underwater ResNet model is proposed.

Owing to refraction, absorption, and scattering of light by suspended particles in water, raw underwater images have low contrast, blurred details, and color distortion. These characteristics can significantly interfere with visual tasks such as segmentation and tracking.  Furthermore, the loss function and training mode are improved. 

Finally, the impact of batch normalization is discussed. According to the underwater image enhancement experiments and a comparative analysis, the color correction and detail enhancement performance of the proposed methods are superior to that of previous deep learning models and traditional methods.

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