Towards Privacy-preserving Content-based Image Retrieval in Cloud Computing

Project Code :TCPGPY335


Daily lots of data is exchanged and loaded on a cloud into different sectors one of which is the health sector. Data exchanged between the patient and doctors need to be secured to gain patients' trust. Blockchain is a mechanism invented to secure data in a more advanced way. Blockchain stores data into chunks that make it hard to decode, which will help provide an extra layer of security. Hash chain is the most reliable part of the blockchain that will help keep the data unreadable. This data can be secured by using a blockchain mechanism at the backend of any hospital website to store the reports of the patients and maintain a two-way authentication for doctor’s access to the reports. Using the concepts of dividing data into chunks and establishing an inter-link between each chunk is one of the aspects of blockchain which is implemented on the hospital generated data to inherit blockchain mechanism. In this paper, we have discussed the benefits of using this mechanism to secure patients' reports and how it increases trust in the stored data.

Keywords: - Blockchain, Cloud, Healthcare, Security, AES

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Block Diagram



  • Processor   : I3/Intel Processor
  • RAM : 4GB (min)
  • Hard Disk : 128 GB


  • Operating System : Windows 7+                
  • Server-side Script: Python 3.6+
  • IDE  : PyCharm IDE
  • Libraries Used  : Pandas, Numpy, Keras

Learning Outcomes


·        About Blockchain technology.

·        About Python programming.

·        About AES Algorithms.

·        About Flask frame work and implementation.

·        About database connections.

·        About Data security.

·        Practical exposure on

o   Software tools.

o   Solution providing for real time problems

o   Working with team/ individual

o   Creative and Imagination Skills

o   Work on Creative ideas 

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