Stability Analysis for DFIG-Based Wind Farm Grid-Connected System Under All Wind Speed Conditions

Project Code :TEPGPS781


The main objective of this project is to improve the stable operation of a wind farm grid-connected system using doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG-WFGS) and to analyze the system's stability under varying wind speeds.


Abstract: In this project, the stable operation capability of the doubly-fed induction generation-based wind farm grid-connected system (DFIG-WFGS) is closely related to wind speed, and the windward velocity of wind turbine unit at different locations may be discrepant due to wake effect. However, the existing mathematical models of DFIG is limited to some specific wind speed points, which may not be directly applied to stability analysis in all wind speed operating conditions. The wind speed is used to characterize the steady state operating point in this paper, meanwhile considering the wake effect and single-input and dual-output (SIDO) characteristics, the two-variable admittance models of wind farm based on DFIG are proposed. Further, the improved analysis method based on two-variable open-loop transfer function is proposed to investigate the stable wind speed interval with different series compensation level for a 50MW DFIG-WFGS in Qinghai, China. In addition, a design guideline of wind farm for oscillation suppression is studied to enhance the performance of DFIG-WFGS and avoid unstable operations. The simulation results can be evaluated by using Matlab/Simulink Software.

Keywords: Doubly-fed induction generator, two-variable admittance, wake effect, wind farm, wind speed.

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Block Diagram


Software Configuration:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10

Application Software: Matlab / Simulink

Hardware Configuration:

RAM                           : 8 GB

Processor                     : I3 / I5 (Mostly prefer)

Learning Outcomes

·         Introduction to Matlab/Simulink

·         What is EISPACK & LINPACK

·         How to start with MATLAB

·         About Matlab language

·         About tools & libraries

·         Application of Matlab/Simulink

·         About Matlab desktop

·         Features of Matlab/Simulink

·         Basics on Matlab/Simulink

·         Introduction to Renewable Energy Sources

·         Introduction to MPPT

·         Introduction to the Energy storage methods.

·         Introduction to Wind Farm Grid-Connected System.

·         Applications of Doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG).

·         Introduction to Wind power generation.

·         Introduction to Pulse width modulation.

·         Introduction to the DQ-ABC transforms.

·         We can learn about the integration of wind power into the grid.

·         Project Development Skills:

o   Problem analyzing skills

o   Problem solving skills

o   Creativity and imaginary skills

o   Programming skills

o   Deployment

o   Testing skills

o   Debugging skills

o   Project presentation skills

o   Thesis writing skills

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