Real Time Smart Attendance Monitoring System With Image Processing And Thermal Scanning

Project Code :TEMBMA3302


The main objective of this project is to Monitor attendance with Image processing by face recognition and also Temperature scan


This project deals with face detection for an attendance recorder system for the purpose of maintaining attendance details of the students. Students faces are pre stored in class databases. USB camera capture the student face and compared to database image if it is matched means that student is present will be sent to PhP Web Server and takes attendance

NOTE: Without the concern of our team, please don't submit to the college. This Abstract varies based on student requirements.

Block Diagram


Hardware Requirements:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Web Camera
  • 5V Adapter

Software Requirements:

  • Raspbian OS
  • Python IDE
  • NOOBS Software

Learning Outcomes

  • Raspberry pi pin diagram and architecture
  • How to install NOOBS software
  • Setting up and installation procedure for Raspberry Pi
  • How to connect Raspberry Pi through VNC viewer
  • Introduction to Python3 IDE
  • Commands in Python
  • Basic coding in Python
  • How to interface Web Camera with Raspberry Pi?
  • How to Send data from Raspberry Pi to PHP Server?
  • About Project Development Life Cycle:
    • Planning and Requirement Gathering (software’s, Tools, Hardware components, etc.,)
    • Schematic preparation 
    • Code development and debugging
    • Hardware development and debugging
    • Development of the Project and Output testing
  • Practical exposure to:
    • Hardware and software tools.
    • Solution providing for real time problems.
    • Working with team/ individual.
    • Work on Creative ideas.
  • Project development Skills
    • Problem analyzing skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Creativity and imaginary skills
    • Programming skills
    • Deployment
    • Testing skills
    • Debugging skills
    • Project presentation skills
    • Thesis writing skills

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