Prototype Implementation Of BLE Based Automated Data Collection Scheme In Agricultural Measurement System

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Field sensing systems for agricultural usages are a new trend to increase agricultural production due to the downward price trend of sensor devices. Recent systems employ short range wireless communication technologies such as RF technology. Bluetooth attracts attention in smartphone sensing because it is suitable to reduce power consumption in mobile devices. Smartphone sensing is a new data collection scheme. Smartphone sensing application usually consumes energy to collect data continuously because it runs as a background process. Therefore, users request smart data collection scheme to reduce excessive consumption of energy and to avoid the conscious operation of the application. This paper develops Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based automated data collection scheme in agricultural measurement system. The developed scheme utilizes a smartphone to realize automated measurement information collection from sensor devices.

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Arduino,Soil moisture sensor,Bluetooth


Arduino, Soil moisture sensor, Bluetooth, Power supply, Relay, Pumping Motor, LCD, Arduino IDE, Embedded C

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