Optimized Sensor Based Smart System For Efficient Monitoring Grain Storage

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Recent research interests in studying food wastage have taken priority in various countries for improving food security and the sustainability of food systems. The problem of food wastage is approached in two main perspectives, namely that due to environmental conditions and the other associated with consumption factors. Food wastage takes place throughout various stages of the food supply chain, right from farm production, during processing, packing, transportation, at wholesale market, retailers, etc. and until consumption. Hence, different measurements and lack of standards in data collection are adopted that makes it difficult to estimate and compare the food wastage among various countries and research studies conducted so far. Though it is difficult to arrive at an accurate estimate of food wastage globally, reports indicate that overall food wastage amounts to about one-third of the food produced. It is estimated that about US$1 trillion is lost globally towards food wastage. In this project, smart sensing devices are integrated with IOT and Wireless Sensor Networks to preserve the quality and quantity of the stored products over time. This system can be controlled and the parameters can be monitored from remote location. The notifications can be delivered in the real time based on information analysis and processing without human intervention.

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Arduino, WSN, IOT


Arduino, Power supply, DHT11 Sensor, Fire Sensor, Gas Sensor, LCD, GSM/GPRS Module, Relay, Buzzer, Fan, Arduino IDE, Embedded C

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