Micro Organism Image Recognition and Disease Prediction Based on DL

Project Code :TCMAPY544


The main objective of this to classify the different microorganisms and predicting their diseases using Convolution Neural Network (CNN) of deep learning.


Despite tremendous recent interest, the application of deep learning in microbiology has still not reached its full potential. To tackle the challenges faced by human-operated microscopy, deep-learning-based methods have been proposed for microscopic image analysis of a wide range of microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. We believe that deep-learning technology-based systems will be on the front line of monitoring and investigation of microorganisms. Hence, here we are proposing a model that which can classify and detects the type of organism using the CNN based transfer learning algorithm of deep learning. Once after the detection of the organism, the spread of diseases are also predicted from the detected output.

Keywords: Microorganism, deep learning, CNN, Transfer learning

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Block Diagram


H/W Specifications:

  • Processor:  I3/Intel Processor
  • RAM:  8GB (min)
  • Hard Disk:  160 GB

S/W Specifications:

  • Operating System:   Windows 7/8/10
  • Server-side Script:   HTML, CSS & JS.
  • IDE:   PyCharm
  • Libraries Used:   NumPy, IO, OS, TensorFlow, Keras.
  • Technology:    Python 3.6+.



Learning Outcomes

·         Scope of Real Time Application Scenarios.

·         What is a search engine and how browser can work.

·         What type of technology versions are used.

·         Use of HTML, and CSS on UI Designs.

·         Data Parsing Front-End to Back-End.

·         Working Procedure.

·         Introduction to basic technologies used for.

·         How project works.

·         Input and Output modules.

·         Practical exposure to

o   Hardware and software tools.

o   Solution providing for real time problems.

o   Working with team/ individual.

o   Work on Creative ideas.

·         Frame work use.

·         About python.

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