Highly Compact Device Modelling and Notification System for Outdoor Patient Monitoring System

Project Code :TEMBMA3252


The main objective of this project is to provide best model for getting health notification from a patient in outdoor


The current project presents an outdoor monitoring system for elderly people, which can transmit information on physiological signals and falling events to a healthcare center at any time and from any place. To detect simultaneously the occurrence of any falling event, as well as the Heartbeat, temperature and respiration of the user, a multi-thread method is proposed with the objective of enhancing the response time and the accuracy of detection. A healthcare box is used to determine the relative position of the patient through a global positioning system for fall detection; moreover, Heart beat is adopted to increase the precision of the fall detection system. Integrating a precise map into the monitoring system facilitates understanding of a client user of the correct location and surrounding environment using the portable display. According to experimental results based on 4,000 samples, successful detection time with the multi-thread method was reduced by 38%, thereby increasing rescue opportunities for elderly patients who are at risk.

Keywords: Patients, Sensors, Buzzer, Raspberry Pi, Heartbeat.

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Block Diagram


Hardware Requirements:

  • Rasberry Pi
  • Temperature sensors
  • Respiration sensor
  • MEMS Sensor
  • Heart beat Sensor
  • GPS

Software Requirements:


Learning Outcomes

  • Raspberry Pi Pin diagram and Architecture.
  • How to install NOOBS Software?
  • Setting up and Installation procedures for Raspberry Pi.
  • Introduction to Python3 IDE.
  • Commands in Python.
  • Basic coding in Python.
  • What is serial communication?
  • What is an IOT and its architecture?
  • How to send data from Raspberry Pi to an IOT platform?
  • What is heartbeat sensor?
  • Working on heartbeat sensor.
  • Interfacing heart beat sensor with Raspberry Pi.
  • What is MEMS sensor?
  • About Respiration sensor.
  • Interfacing MEMS with Raspberry Pi.
  • What is GPS?
  • Working on GPS.
  • Interfacing GPS Module with Raspberry Pi
  • Interfacing Respiration sensor with Raspberry Pi.
  • Interfacing Temperature Sensor with Raspberry Pi.
  • About Project Development Life Cycle:
    • Planning and Requirement Gathering( software’s, Tools, Hardware components, etc.,)
    • Schematic preparation 
    • Code development and debugging
    • Hardware development and debugging
    • Development of the Project and  Output testing
  • Practical exposure to:
    • Hardware and software tools.
    • Solution providing for real time problems.
    • Working with team/ individual.
    • Work on Creative ideas.
  • Project development Skills
    • Problem analyzing skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Creativity and imaginary skills
    • Programming skills
    • Deployment
    • Testing skills
    • Debugging skills
    • Project presentation skills
    • Thesis writing skills

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