Gsm Based Digital Fuel Meter And Fuel Theft Detection Using Arduino

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The main objective of this project is to display the fuel level and detect fuel theft by sending SMS


Today in this digitized world, if the fuel marker in the vehicles is additionally made advanced. It will know the correct measure of fuel accessible in the fuel tank. Here, we are showing the measure of fuel in the tank in percentage. This incentive in percentage will be in numerical digits. This project predominantly focuses about the sign of fuel level in bike tanks. This project evades a great deal of issues like fuel bunks at fuel stations, fuel burglary and keeps us from getting into circumstances where we need to push our vehicles because of suppositions of the level of fuel. These days the fuel pointer framework for the bikes are computerized yet they don't show the correct measure of fuel which is available in the tank. The microcontroller unit, fuel level sensor and LCD display unit is the main blocks of this project. By using this system, we can detect the level of the fuel in the vehicle’s fuel tank. In this project, we placed the sensors to detect the fuel level of the vehicle’s fuel tank. The sensor will detect fuel level and send the signals to the micro controller unit to determine the exact fuel level information. When the fuel level in the fuel tank reaches the low level sensor, this project alerts the user through the beep noise. The LCD display will display the fuel level information. In this project, the level information is displayed in terms of percentage. This information is programmed according to the position of sensor. The buzzer indication is set to execute continuously for the low level. By using this project, the user can check the fuel level in his vehicle’s fuel tank. This project is user-friendly and it works very efficiently.


Keywords: Digital fuel meter, Arduino uno, Ultrasonic sensor.

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Block Diagram

Arduino, Level sensor, GSM Module, LCD


Hardware Requirements:
  • Arduino UNO
  • LCD
  • 4-Bit PCB with Potentiometer
  • Ultra sonic Senor
  • Buzzer
  • Transformers
  • 5V Power supply
Software Requirements:
  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

Learning Outcomes

  • What is Arduino UNO?
  • How Arduino UNO works?
  • What is LCD?
  • How LCD works?
  • What is Buzzer?
  • What is ultrasonic sensor?
  • How ultrasonic sensor works?
  • Interfacing of LCD with Arduino UNO?
  • Interfacing of ultrasonic sensor with Arduino UNO?
  • Interfacing of buzzer with Arduino UNO?
  • About Project Development Life Cycle:
    • Planning and Requirement Gathering( software’s, Tools, Hardware components, etc.,)
    • Schematic preparation 
    • Code development and debugging
    • Hardware development and debugging
    • Development of the Project and Output testing
  • Practical exposure to:
    • Hardware and software tools. ,
    • Solution providing for real time problems,
    • Working with team/ individual,
    • Work on Creative ideas.
  • Project development Skills
    • Problem analyzing skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Creativity and imaginary skills
    • Programming skills
    • Deployment
    • Testing skills
    • Debugging skills
    • Project presentation skills
    • Thesis writing skills

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