Enhanced Control and Power Management For A Renewable Energy-Based Water Pumping System

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Project Code :TEPGPS546


The main objective of this project is comprehensive dynamic analysis for a renewable energy based water pumping system.


The paper introduces a comprehensive dynamic analysis for a renewable energy based water pumping system. The complete system components are described in details. The components include a wind turbine power system, a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), a water pumping system and a battery. The storage system is used to enhance the power delivery under weak wind production which consequently enhances the system reliability. Considering the PMSG as the fundamental power unit in the system, a new predictive control procedure is presented to enhance the PMSG performance. To validate the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme, a detailed comparison is accomplished between the designed controller and other three traditional controllers to evaluate the most effective in between. A power management scheme is constructed to manage the power flow and ensuring a sufficient power delivery to the pumping system. The obtained results are presented and analysed in details to compare between the dynamics of the four predictive controllers used to manage the generator operation. The results report that the formulated control scheme has the best performance in terms of the reduced actuations, low calculation capacity, structure simplicity and low currents THD. The obtained results also approve the avidness of the designed power management strategy in balancing the power flow and stabilizing the DC bus voltage as well.

Keywords: PMSG, predictive control, power management, battery storage, water pumping system, voltage control.

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Block Diagram


Software Configuration:

Operating System :  Windows 7/8/10

Application Software :  Matlab/Simulink

Hardware Configuration:

RAM :  8 GB

Processor :  I3 / I5(Mostly prefer)

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Matlab/Simulink
  • How to start with MATLAB
  • About Matlab language
  • About tools & libraries
  • Application of Matlab/Simulink
  • About Matlab desktop
  • Features of Matlab/Simulink
  • Basics on Matlab/Simulink
  • Introduction to controllers.
  • Study of PWM techniques.
  • Project Development Skills:
    • Problem analyzing skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Creativity and imaginary skills
    • Programming skills
    • Deployment
    • Testing skills
    • Debugging skills
    • Project presentation skills
    • Thesis writing skills

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