Effective Natural Communication between Human Hand and Mobile Robot Using Raspberry-Pi

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We focus human-robot interaction (HRI) by performing natural communication between human hand and a mobile robot. The Raspberry-pi and Raspberry-pi camera module are installed on the robot. The system is capable to detect hand movement by processing the images from camera and respond according to the hand movements effectively. Through many experiments, we could confirm the effectiveness of the system. Human hand is one of the most common and natural communication media among human beings. Studies on natural communication media using hands gets a huge attention all over the world. People tend to conduct natural communication by using hands to establish human-robot interaction (HRI). Most of the studies on this interaction create between human hand and the machine using a glove (for detection) or a vision-based method. Interaction using a glove needs a customized glove and the set of wires connected to a machine. However, it may be uncomfortable to make commands to the machine. Some studies use hand gesture detection to control robots by using pre-defined states of the hand. In this study we consider to improve the natural communication between human and a robot in more robust way, without making any pre-definitions.

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Raspberry pi,Webcam,Robotics


Raspberry pi, Webcam, Servo motors, Raspbian OS, Python

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