Cyber Security based Autonomous Vehicle system

Project Code :TCMAPY485


In this project we are creating an cyber security based autonomous vehicle system that which transfers the file through cloud with more security.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has major implications in the transportation industry. Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) aim at improving day-to-day activities such as delivering packages, improving traffic, and the transportations of goods. AVs are not limited to ground vehicles but also include aerial and sea vehicles with a wide range of applications. To overcome this problem we are implementing Cyber Security (CS) based data transfer to Autonomous vehicle. Here a cloud is the mediator that which transfers sender files to autonomous vehicle with more security we are using CS based algorithm (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is used to hide the transferred data into cipher text. The cipher text can be decrypted by the private key generated by sender to the particular AV.

KEYWORDS— Cyber Security, Cipher text, AES, Privatekey, AV.

NOTE: Without the concern of our team, please don't submit to the college. This Abstract varies based on student requirements.

Block Diagram



  • Processor- I3/Intel Processor
  • Hard Disk- 160GB
  • RAM- 8GB


  • Operating System:  Windows 7/8/10                     
  • IDE:  Pycharm 
  • Server side scripts:  HTML, CSS, JS 
  • Libraries Used:   Numpy, IO, OS, Random, Flask 
  • Technology     :  Python 3.6+

Learning Outcomes

  • What is tender management?
  • Understanding the issues of improper record maintenance.
  • How block chain solves the issues?
  • How contract planning can be done?
  • What is hyper ledger technology?
  • Use of HTML and CSS on UI Designs.
  • Data Base Connections.
  • Data Parsing Front-End to Back-End.
  • Need of Pycharm-IDE to develop a web application.
  • Working Procedure.
  • Testing Techniques.
  • Error Correction mechanisms.
  • Input and Output modules.
  • How test the project based on user inputs and observe the output?
    • Practical exposure to
    • Hardware and software tools
    • Solution providing for real time problems
    • Working with team/ individual
    • Work on Creative ideas. 

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