Approach for Implementation of Vending Machine through Verilog HDL

Also Available Domains Xilinx Vivado|Xilinx ISE

Project Code :TVMAFE523


The main objective of this project is to implement Vending Machine using FSM in order to reduce power consumption


In this paper we design an Operational amplifier with Mill operator capacitor. The plan strategy of the two-stage CMOS functional intensifiers utilizing Mill operator capacitor related to the normal door current cushion is introduced. By using this circuit, the lower frequencies are higher than the channel remove recurrence. The miller compensation was compared with the uncompensated method and then the compensation method was proposed and then the ideal gain characteristics are improved. This circuit is implemented on tanner eda with  45nm technology.

 Index Terms—Miller Compensation, op-amp.

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Block Diagram



Software Requirements:

·         Xilinx ISE14.7 suite / Xilinx Vivado2018.3.

·         HDL: Verilog.

Hardware Requirements:

o   Microsoft® Windows XP.

o   Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or Pentium 4 equivalent with SSE support.

o   512 MB RAM.

o   100 MB of available disk space.

Learning Outcomes

·         Basics of Digital Electronics.

·         Concept of vending machine applications.

·         Different types of vending machine architectures.

·         Concept of control algorithm.

·         Different applications of vending machine.

·         Introduction to Verilog Coding.

·         Different modeling styles in Verilog.

·         Data Flow modeling.

·         Structural modeling.

·         Behavioral modeling.

·         Mixed level modeling.

·         Introduction to control algorithm design.

·         About vendor machine process.

·         About approximation computing.

·         Applications in real time.

·         Concept on design and simulation design tool.

·         Generation of Netlist.

·         Solution providing for real time problems.

·         Project Development Skills:

o   Problem Analysis Skills.

o   Problem Solving Skills.

o   Logical Skills.

o   Designing Skills.

o   Testing Skills.

o   Debugging Skills.

o   Presentation Skills.

o   Thesis Writing Skills.

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