An intelligent baby monitoring system based on Raspberry PI, IoT sensors and convolutional neural network

Project Code :TEMBPG899


The main objective of this project is to provide an intelligent baby monitoring system which allows parents to check on their baby remotely and in real time as taking care of a baby is a challenging task for working parents.


The current number of working mothers has greatly increased. Subsequently, baby care has become a daily challenge for many families. Thus, most parents send their babies to their grandparent house or to baby care houses. However, the parents cannot continuously monitor their baby conditions either in normal or abnormal situations.

Therefore, an Internet of Things-based Baby Monitoring System is proposed as an efficient and low-cost IOT-based system for monitoring in real time. In the designed system, Raspberry pi Controller Board is exploited to gather the data read by the sensors and uploaded via Wi-Fi to the server. The proposed system exploits sensors to monitor the baby's vital parameters, such as ambient temperature, moisture, and crying.

Parents can also monitor their baby condition through an external web camera. The proposed system prototype is fabricated and tested to prove its effectiveness in terms of cost and simplicity and to ensure safe operation to enable the baby-parenting anywhere and anytime through the network.

Keywords: Baby monitoring system, IOT, Raspberry Pi.

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Block Diagram


Hardware Requirements:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Micro SD card
  • 16x2 LCD Display
  • Jumper Wires
  • Camera
  • Relay
  • DC fan
  • Soil Moisture sensor
  • Sound sensor
  • DHT11 sensor

Software Requirements:

  • NOOBS Software
  • Python3 IDE
  • VNC Viewer
  • Fritzing
  • SMTP Server

Learning Outcomes

  • Raspberry Pi Pin diagram and Architecture
  • How to install NOOBS Software
  • Setting up and Installation procedures for Raspberry Pi
  • How to connect Raspberry Pi through VNC viewer?
  • Introduction to Python3 IDE
  • Basic coding in Python
  • How to install Libraries for camera in Raspberry Pi?
  • How to interface camera with Raspberry Pi?
  • How to interface DHT11, soil moisture and sound sensors with Raspberry Pi?
  • How to interface relay, dc fan with Raspberry Pi?
  • Introduction to IOT
  • IOT Architecture
  • IOT – Applications and Scope
  • How to send the data from Raspberry Pi to an IOT platform?
  • About Project Development Life Cycle:
    • Planning and Requirement Gathering(( software’s, Tools, Hardware components, etc.,)
    • Schematic preparation 
    • Code development and debugging
    • Hardware development and debugging
    • Development of the Project and  Output testing
  • Practical exposure to:
    • Hardware and software tools.
    • Solution providing for real time problems.
    • Working with team/ individual.
    • Work on Creative ideas.
  • Project development Skills
    • Problem analyzing skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Creativity and imaginary skills
    • Programming skills
    • Deployment
    • Testing skills
    • Debugging skills
    • Project presentation skills
    • Thesis writing skills

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